What I’m Wearing This Week…

Sunday, June 26, 2011

So everyone seems to be doing these now.  Kristin claimed it was boring, but I was captivated by what she wore everyday!  There is something just so interesting and revealing about a person based on what they wear!  People’s clothes are such a reflection of their personality and dictated by jobs and lifestyle and kids and body type and…so many factors.  I’m fascinated.

So I’m going to try it.

BUT, you should know a few things about my job, which so strongly dictates what I wear Monday through Friday…

- I work with kids.  I spend all day on my knees, I get up and sit down a thousand times a day.  I lay on the floor to demonstrate exercises.  I squat down and reach overhead about a million times a day.

- I work with babies.  They pull on my hair, my jewelry, my earrings.  Homegirl gets spit up on far more than any homegirl who doesn’t have kids should.

- The air circulation in our office is a little sketchy.  It’s either too cold or too hot or it’s just right but you’re trying to position a kid’s feet on the treadmill correctly, so you’re sweating to death.

- I don’t wear shoes. I’m either in socks or barefoot because of the mats and flooring in our office.  Shoes are irrelevant for much of my day.

- We don’t have a dress code for work.  Just a general rule to use your best judgment…

So here goes!

I’m only afraid the results are going to make me self-conscience and want to go buy new clothes… But I’m really hoping it will just force me to become more creative with my closet.  After all, Kristin isn’t buying ANY clothes for all of 2011 and she still did it.  Isn’t that inspiring….

Happy dressing!

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