Wedding Weekend in Birmingham

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Well, wedding season is in full swing around here, in case you hadn’t noticed!  Traveling on the weekends back to back to back leaves room for nothing else during the week outside of all the routine stuff.  I’m lucky if I get to sorting the mail!  So Friday morning I jump on another plane to Omaha for Seth & Amy’s wedding!

In the mean time, here’s the scoop on Britt & Jessica’s in Birmingham last week.  All six of my brothers & sisters were there, plus their spouses and kids, my parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, etc… It was so fun!  I’d never been to Birmingham so I was excited to see the city, even though we didn’t much outside of the wedding festivities. 

{This blog is a little long but since I’m blogging, like, once a month these days, it’s okay.  Just make up for lost time…}

06 04 11_6100We stayed at the Tutwiler downtown which was close to everything we did and was a beautiful hotel.  It seemed like every guest there was there for the wedding!

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner at Park Lane—the decorations were beautiful, the food was great, and the company a lot of fun.  The night was topped off with a classic Rick Monroe slideshow to the bride & groom and toasts from the wedding party before we headed back to the Tut to shut down the hotel bar.



{And Halley couldn’t resist sharing her belly button with everyone…}

IMG834{Me, brother David, and David’s lady Meredith}

IMG932{Brother Charles and his wife Landon}

06 04 11_6095{Classic facial expressions from a conversation between David & Charles}

Saturday morning we all hung around the hotel and took advantage of their great breakfast spread.  We eventually mustered up enough energy to head to the pool where my sister Angie was staying with her family.

06 04 11_6099

IMG00060-20110604-1218She was a little sketched out at first, but she warmed right up to the water and was sticking her face in trying to blow bubbles.  She kept saying her new favorite words, “Hottt" and “Ribbit!”

After a good swim, we headed back to get fancy for the festivities!

06 04 11_6113With my sisters, Becky and Angie

06 04 11_6102

06 04 11_6107

Despite having never been to Birmingham, I’ve got roots in this city.  My grandmother grew up here, along with a generation or two of Woodwards {my middle name is Woodward}.  The wedding was at First Presbyterian, the oldest church in Birmingham, where my grandmother, great-grandmother, and aunts & uncles all attended church.  The chapel pictured above is where my mother was baptized as an infant and the window below is in memory of my great-great uncle {correct me if any of this is wrong, Grandmommy!}.


The beautiful bride Jessica, Britt, and Frannie—WCFG {World’s Cutest Flower Girl}.

Britt & Jess CollageI have no idea who catered this affair, but the food was insane.  It was not your traditional carving station, cheese station wedding.  Every table you went to had the best of the bad for you foods: mashed potato bar, fried macaroni & cheese, make your own nachos and quesadillas, pulled pork on potatoes… I can’t stop thinking about that champagne, brie, and artichoke dip… My three favorite food groups!  And top that all off with a piece of red velvet cake!  Surrounded by family, dancing to Journey, and eating red velvet?  I’d died and gone to heaven.

06 04 11_6126Charles & Landon are always the first one on the dance floor—it’s pretty cute.

06 04 11_6127bAndy couldn’t be shown up by his little brother…

06 04 11_6130Uncle David & Halley—can’t you tell she’s thrilled?

06 04 11_6142bMe & TGrass, who’s hiding his beer behind his back…

06 04 11_6143bAlways have to get a triplet pic!

06 04 11_6145{Brother Andy, stepdad Rick, Andy’s fiancé Christine—are you keeping up with my family??  There’s a quiz at the end!}

06 04 11_6134

06 04 11_6149b{My mom and I with a friend’s daughter, Martha…She was so cute and fun!}

06 04 11_6161{Andy & Christine’s last wedding before their own next month!}

06 04 11_6150

06 04 11_6152Now I’d rather vomit in my mouth than say “War Eagle,” but this was probably the cutest idea for an exit I’d ever seen. {And I go to a lot of weddings…}

06 04 11_6153

06 04 11_6154

06 04 11_6158253723_10150205226438355_760623354_7367302_3908174_n

We don’t have any pictures, but the band was amazing and we danced the night away!  The party wasn’t over though—as soon as we got back to the Tut, we realized there was another wedding reception going on for Chris & Stasi down the hall… So we joined right in! {Sort of…}

06 04 11_6162

06 04 11_6163We just couldn’t figure out why the koozies said May 24th??

IMG00067-20110605-0929I spotted the “Woodward Room” in the hotel lobby and started to wonder if maybe I was a little famous… Next time I go to Birmingham I’ll just introduced myself as Kathryn Woodward and see if people look really impressed or ask for my autograph…

After a late night, we were all up early to head to breakfast at Another Broken Egg to celebrate Andy’s birthday.

IMG00069-20110605-0930Halley thought it appropriate to continue sharing her belly button with all passers-by.

06 05 11_6078My nieces Abbey Grace & Halley Jane.  Word on the street is I’m about to have a third niece, but no one’s fessing up yet…

06 05 11_6085bYou have to take about 19 pictures of Halley before you get one where she’s smiling and looking at the camera, so it’s a small miracle a picture like this exists!

06 05 11_6090

Oh yeah…the food!  It was impossible to choose what to order because everything looked insanely delicious and delightfully bad for you.  I ordered the Cinnamon Roll French Toast which was layered cinnamon bread with cream cheese icing melted over it, dripped in banana’s foster syrup, and berries.  It was insane and the only thing I ate for the entire day.

06 05 11_6091

IMG793{Grandmommy & Granddaddy with Charles & Landon}

IMG739And that’s it!  From there, I flew back to DC, Tyler flew to Ohio and we meet up this weekend to do it all over again in Nebraska!  We are tired and broke, but we are so blessed with so many great friends and family to celebrate with!

Now, I’ll give you a $100 if you can correctly identify all of my brothers in correct birth order…

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