Memorial Day Weekend in Savannah

Thursday, June 02, 2011

So Tyler and I did the math and figured out that we hadn’t been back to Savannah in the summertime and not had a wedding to be in since 2005.  Which means for the last six years, every time I’ve been home during the nice weather months, my time has been dominated by luncheons, hair appointments, and wedding receptions!  And while I was thrilled to stand up with my friends, I was really overdue for some uninterrupted time out on the boat.

My mom and Rick bought a house on the water a few years ago and have been renovating it ever since, and this is their first summer in the house since actually moving in.  When you wake up and walk into the kitchen there’s a wall of windows looking straight out into the backyard with a breathtaking view of the marsh and an old oak tree.

05 29 11_6065bThe dock awaits you at the end of the green strip of grass.  There’s a raised dock above the boat lift so the height keeps things nice and breezy—perfect for laying out with a good book… which is exactly what I did all. day. on Saturday and Sunday. {Still working my way through the Dietrich Bonhoeffer bio…}  It was my first time out in the sun since last year, so my skin didn’t know what to do with all that Vitamin D!

05 30 11_596605 29 11_6050bTGrass spent about 2.5 seconds reading before he got bored and decided to go fishing.  Unfortunately, he only caught a stingray, officially solidifying my refusal to get in the water by the dock {Once you get out onto the open river, which is deeper, it’s fine.  But I saw way too many creepy crawlies to jump off that dock anytime soon!}

05 30 11_5950bOnce the tide comes in, the water is high enough to lower the boat and take it out, so every afternoon we’d cruise around the river…

05 29 11_5974Saturday evening we cruised over to Bonna Bella, an outdoor restaurant on the water.  It’s one of my favorite places to go when I’m home.  I don’t have any pictures, but the fish tacos are awesome!  We also timed our trip just right because our friends Luke & Lauren came walking up the dock about 20 minutes after we did—it was so good to see them {We should have taken a pic, Dormans!}

05 29 11_6059bBoiled peanuts are the BEST— I could eat these babies by the gallon if you let me!  I spent all day on the dock eating boiled peanuts and drinking peach tea…the perfect balance of sweet and salty.

05 29 11_6068bJust some pictures of our time out on the river…

05 29 11_5984b05 29 11_6051

05 30 11_5954bSunday night, we went to our friends’ Ryan & Torey’s house for a low country boil with some old friends from high school.  We started outside, but the bugs were AWFUL so we brought the party inside for dinner.  It was SO GOOD.  Low country boil consists of red potatoes, corn, shrimp, and sausage all cooked together in a big pot and smothered in Old Bay.  It’s a southern staple in the low country and you MUST eat it before you die…

05 30 11_5958Then we started playing Dominos, which I’ve never played before in my life… It was really fun!

05 30 11_595605 30 11_5961Ryan & Torey, deep in concentration…. {I think I spent two hours telling Torey how much she looks like Congresswoman Giffords and subsequently googled a picture of her and showed everyone around me. “Seriously, doesn’t she look like Gabby Giffords??” She does, for the record.}

05 29 11_6042bA little random, but that’s Bailey.  He was kind of sad and pathetic looking all weekend so he got some extra love from me.  Luckily he perked up by the time we left {I think he just missed me…}.

Monday morning we reluctantly packed up the car and headed back north, but not before having coffee and a surprise Breakfast Casserole made by my mom while sitting on the back porch and enjoying the view of the marsh.  It was SO good to be home.

Not pictured: Church on Sunday morning, bird poop on my feet, and trips to Francesca’s, Magnolia’s, and Nadeau for fun shopping with mom!

05 29 11_6031b

And cue Zac Brown Band, “I was raised underneath the shade of a Georgia pine, that’s home y’know….”

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