Crafty CFriday: No-Sew Printed Pillows

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Friday is quickly slipping away from me so I’ll make this fast! {Or not…here I am two hours later.}

I have been dying to try printing on fabric ever since I saw folks doing it over at the Graphics Fairy.  And I finally got around to doing it a few months ago, I just never shared!  So here’s how it all went down…

I watched this YouTube video on making “fabric sandwiches.”  {Essentially, you cut your fabric and a piece of freezer paper to 8.5” x 11” and iron the fabric to the glossy side of the paper. Tape a piece of computer paper to the freezer paper {to make it sturdy} and feed it through your printer!}

04 21 11_5926So, this is my fabric sandwich…

And this is my graphic from Graphics Fairy.  I fed the fabric through, I printed it out in brown, and here’s how it came out…

04 21 11_5928Covered in ink and all smeared.  Epic failure AND a bummer.  Luckily, we have two printers, so I repeated the paper sandwich process in a different printer and tried again…

04 22 11_5923

Try #2 had much better results! {The bottom one. Durh.}

04 22 11_5925b

I hemmed the edges {with what else, hemming tape…}

And then I made a pillow {with what else, some burlap, linen, and a glue gun…}

And here’s the end result!





Lesson learned: printing on fabric is VERY easy, but the outcome likely lies in your printer…

Pretty cute, right?  They were having a great fabric sale awhile back and I just loved these three together.  It’s been a few months since I made them though, so of course I’m already itching to make something else.  {But I can envision a bulge in Tyler’s forehead vein forming as he reads this so I’ll restrain…}

{But then again, he’s leaving me tomorrow to go chill in Israel for a week, so who’s gonna stop me??}


In other news, I’m also trying to restrain myself from turning my whole house into a beach house. I found a great branch the other day and spray painted it red… You know…to look like coral.


I also made that striped picture frame yesterday—an unfinished wood frame + white spray paint + Kelly Green craft paint + painter’s tape + sandpaper = Tada!  It’s my little coral corner… {Credit: framed picture is also from Graphics Fairy, printed on plain computer paper.}


Speaking of horizontal stripes, I need your opinion… Remember how I made these Nester inspired window mistreatments last Fall?  Well, I haven’t been able to get La Minerveta out of my head lately, with all their navy and teal, so I’ve been daydreaming for some navy and white striped vertical curtains.

So I made some… {This time I used a paint roller, which sped up the process by, like, 800% but used a TON more paint.}

I hung up the first panel after I finished it and… My heart just didn’t skip a beat like I thought I would… So I NEED your opinion.

DSC_0600Blue side?

DSC_0601{Are you seeing the general color scheme I’m going for, for summer?}

DSC_0602Or brown side?


DSC_0606So… Blue or Brown??

Help! {And then have a great weekend.}

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