Christie and D’s Wedding Recap? Yes Please!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

We had a great weekend in the mountains of North Georgia this weekend celebrating my friend Christie’s wedding.  The weekend of festivities were all held at Brasstown Valley Resort and it was so fun having everyone and everything all in one place.  As I mentioned on Friday, Tyler and I woke up at the butt crack of dawn and drove south in order to make it to Georgia in time for the rehearsal that afternoon.  We made it just in time to rampantly shower and change and run down to meet up with the wedding party—it was so fun to reunite with the girls I’d met last month for the bachelorette weekend!

{In typical fashion, we dragged along the fancy camera, only to forget it in the hotel room or leave it turned on so that the battery died.  So I just yoinked a bunch off of Facebook…}

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner which was held in a beautiful glassed in pavillion.  The family did a great job with the emotional, mushy toasts and the groomsmen did a great job roasting and thoroughly embarrassing D, the groom.  At the time, I never want to get up in front of everyone and say what’s on my heart, and of course, I always regret it later on.  I should have gotten up and spoken to what Christie means to me.  {Looks like a nice, handwritten letter is in order…}

{That’s a great looking set of bridesmaids, right?  Christie is the fourth one from the right.}

After the dinner, T and I headed back to our cottage, built a fire, ordered a bottle of wine…and watched Dateline murder mysteries until we fell asleep.

Saturday morning we all met at the salon for updos and bagels…

{This picture has really made me rethink my approach to coloring my hair…}

We spent the rest of the afternoon primping, dressing, and taking pictures…

This is not the moment {this is putting on the garter}, but we spent some sweet time in prayer before heading out to the ceremony—I think it tipped everyone over the edge emotionally, but it was a really special moment.

{The pictures are beautiful but what you can’t see is the crazy wind advisory that was going on.  The forecast was in the 60s but it was waaaay colder than that and we were all freezing!}

And then it was wedding time!!

Long story short, it came out at the rehearsal dinner that D likes to say “Yes please!” after something he wants {I.e. “A night with Christie?  Yes please!”}.  So the pastor, during the vows, asked them to respond “Yes please” instead of “I do” which I apparently thought was the funniest thing ever…

{She was gorgeous!}

The reception was in an elevated, open air pavilion with a huge stone fireplace, paper lanterns, and twinkling lights.  We all stayed until sunset and sent the bride & groom off on their honeymoon to sparklers… I hated it that is was so cold and gusty—the wedding and reception were just gorgeous.  And I am so happy for Christie and D!  I can’t wait until they get back from their honeymoon and I get to hear all about Christie’s perspective on the big day.


And that was the weekend!  It was a beautiful wedding and I highly recommend Brasstown Valley Resort for anyone looking for a great escape in the mountains.  As for today, I’m home sick in bed.  I hate being sick and cannot afford to miss any work, so I’m off to get some more sleep!  I hope you all survived those crazy storms last night…

Happy Tuesday to you!

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