Taste of the South 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

Well, after my exciting day at the salon on Saturday, I attempted to revamp my self esteem by getting all gussied up to hit up Taste of the South—a gala hosted by the all of the southern state societies here in DC.  Each state brings in food famous to their state… Thus the “taste” part.

Tuxedos, fried food, and an open bar?  Yes please.

This year’s festivities sort of snuck up on me {last year it was in June}, so I just wore the same dress I wore last year.  I love it and it’s universally flattering, so that was A-OK with me.  Tyler on the other hand did buy his first pastel cummerbund set—he looked pretty great.

Pelican Printed TieHis bow tie print… Gotta love southern fashions!  My Nebraska boy has come a long way. Smile  Tyler getting the thing tied might be deserve it’s own blog post…

We actually took more than 2 pictures this year, so I thought I’d share… {And per my usual, I yoinked a bunch offline too… They were way better than my little point & shoot ones.}

04 17 11_5325

This year’s festivities were at Constitution Hall downtown.  It was a much better choice than the Armory, where it’s been for the last several years.  The Armory is in the ghetto and has no air conditioning, which wouldn’t have been a problem on this cool April night, but it was huge problem last summer.

Once we got there, we climbed the stairs feeling quite debonair.  We walked in the doors, handed over our tickets and spent 30 solid minutes standing in line waiting to get in.  Until we realized it was the coat check line.  Just when you start to think you’re cool…

Constitution Hall is smaller than the Armory so it was packed but I’ll take packed over a thousand degrees any day…

04 16 11_5458The place was filled to the nines with the latest dresses, Vineyard Vines bowties, and… Ben Stein? I have no idea why he was there, but we saw him several times.  He was just walking around, chatting, getting his picture taken…

04 16 11_5457

04 16 11_5459

We headed straight for Georgia’s booth, but the food wasn’t all that exciting.  Louisiana and North Carolina had the best—Louisiana with jambalaya, North Carolina with lots of great cheese.  Almost every state had pulled pork sandwiches, Florida served Key Lime Pie, and the drink of choice typically included bourbon.  I. was. stuffed.

The band was awesome!  Thinking we were done for the night, we headed to the dance floor to say goodbye to some friends, but got sucked in to dancing all night and didn’t get home until well after midnight.  I had no regrets about this as we fist pumped to “Don’t Stop Believing” with 2,000 of our closest friends.

Church came early the next morning, but we were so glad we got a night out on the town.  Taste of the South is such a fun event, they raised $200,000 for charity, and we ran into a zillion people we knew even though we started the night out it solo.  {I even ran into a childhood friend I hadn’t seen in YEARS, who lives in DC and I didn’t even know it!}

Hope you guys had a great weekend and survived the storms on Saturday!

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