Crafty CFriday: Chalkboard Tags

Friday, April 15, 2011

So, I made these little tags last week that might be my fastest, easiest, and simplest craft yet… Here’s how it all it went down…

I kept seeing chalkboard tags like these in Pottery Barn…

Vino Wine Decanter

“I like those—I could probably make them…”

So I went to the craft store and in the unfinished wood section, along with the little painted wooden cutouts (like frogs and flowers and rainbows…), they had blank wooden squares that cost a whopping .29 each.

So I picked up five.

04 01 11_5294

Along with a can of chalkboard spray paint.

{It was $6 versus the $15 can…}

And I think you can figure out the rest…

04 01 11_5295

I spray painted each side… Drilled a hole in the corner… Threaded a piece of twine through it… And grabbed a piece of chalk.

I really didn’t have a place to hang them and don’t have any wine parties planned {but it should be on my To Do list, right?}, so I just started randomly hanging them around the house.

04 08 11_5224The wine cabinet…

04 07 11_5226The TV armoire…

04 07 11_5254The empty pasta jar…

We had company over on Sunday.  No one said anything, but they probably think I’m weird…

Oh well—can’t wait to wrap those suckers around a pinot!


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