I’m Tired…

Monday, March 14, 2011

I need to learn to say “no.”

Or at least “not now.”

It’s only Monday and I’m already tired.  I’ve been living my weeks just to get to the weekends and even then, checking off one patient after another, one To-Do item after the next, just to get to Saturday, and there’s still not enough time then.  This weekend is already so booked I’m not sure why I’m even looking forward to it.

I haven’t done my Bible study this week.  I was able to see a few friends but I still feel like I have more friendships neglected than I have nourished.  I didn’t finish my book for book club.  I didn’t finish or start any of the projects I’d planned.  My email inbox is ridiculous.  I have 8 trillion family members that I haven’t talked to.  My house is a disaster 80% of the time.  And that darn table still isn’t painted.

I’d like to tell you about the get together I had with some old classmates last week.  I’d like to tell you about a great night out with friends over mexican on Saturday.  Or share the WISE words delivered by my favorite Dick Foth on Sunday {listen to it…you won’t regret it}.  Or the ridiculous restraint I had to show at H & M because I could wear anything that looks like it should be worn on a sailboat.

We could talk about how happy we are that Brad picked Emily…but how I still felt bad for Chantel…and then how Emily seemed WAY less than enthusiastic on the “After the Rose Ceremony.” {For real, what’s the scoop Charlottonians?}  We could mourn over the tragedy in Japan…or the horrific bus accident in New York.  Or laugh about Jimmy Kimmel’s evacuation experience in Bora Bora.

But I’m tired.

Super tired.  And it’s only Monday.  And I have a very long To-Do list…

I’m sorry.  I miss you dudes.

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