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Friday, March 18, 2011

I am SO excited to tell you about my first GIVEAWAY!  I was approached by CSN Stores eons ago but due to my inability to respond to an email in a timely fashion  the whole process was really stretched out {Basically, anything that doesn’t result in a fine if I don’t meet a deadline is barely getting' done these days…}.

SO.  Anyway.  Big giveaway.  CSN.

CSN Stores runs about 8 bajillion websites {or 200, to be exact} and I was given the daunting task of picking something out.  I had a super hard time deciding whether to giveaway baking accessories from Cookware.com {hello, cupcakes!} or house décor from AllModern.com and I finally went with house décor.  But the hard decisions weren’t over…

I fell in love with these dishtowels by Fern

 ferm LIVING - Lovebirds Kitchen Tea Towel ferm LIVING - Birdcage Tea Towel

ferm LIVING - Velo Tea Towel

And then discovered Thomas Paul pillows…

Thomas Paul - Aviaire Blancs Doves Pillow in Cream

Thomas Paul - Outdoor Lobster Pillow in Lava

Thomas Paul - Seahorse Pillow in Indigo

If you’d seen my closet before and seen the unreasonable number of wide horizontal striped shirts I own, you’d know I’m a sucker for anything nautically inspired.  But these pillows just weren’t within my “free product” range…

So THEN…just as I was becoming overwhelmed…I found these:

Thomas Paul - Sea Life Dessert Plate (Set of 4)

And these

Thomas Paul - Sea Life Coaster Dish (Set of 4)

CUTE, right??  So I made my decision and ordered them right away and they were on my doorstep by the end of the week.  I was so excited to see these babies.

I’ll be honest, I was surprised when I first opened them and found that they were… plastic {or melamine if you’re fancy}.  So my idea of hanging them on the wall was quickly abandoned for more practical uses.  These plates are so lightweight, but look ceramic, and are adorable!  The dinner plates {the neutral ones} are 9 inches across—the perfect size, weight, and durability for dinner on the patio {I’m thinking Surf and Turf…}  The coaster plates are 4.5” across—great for portion control and of course, the perfect size for the perfect dessert: a cupcake! 

And have I mentioned they’re dishwasher safe?

It’s supposed to be 75 degrees here tomorrow, we’re pulling out the grill and cleaning up the backyard…I can almost smell summer!  And I can definitely see these plates making a big hit at your first barbeque.

Now, you know I’d love to pull an Oprah and just give these to all of you…But there can only be one winner!  So, if you want me to send these to you, you have to do three things for me.

1. Leave a comment telling me your social security number and mother’s maiden name.

Not Really.

Really though…

1. You have to “like” Barefoot Daydreams on Facebook or become a follower of Barefoot Daydreams here.

2. You have to answer TWO “Would You Rathers….”

A. Would you rather sweat moderately but constantly 24 hours a day all over your body OR have a metal pin in your jaw that constantly picks up talk radio stations?

B. For my next giveaway, would you rather receive another item from CSN Stores OR receive a store credit to CSN Stores?

3. Lastly, leave a comment {you don’t have to have a Gmail account—just click “Comment” below} telling me that you “liked” or “followed” and answering the TWO “Would You Rather” questions…

And that’s it!  I so appreciate reading your blogs and your comments {or hearing from my mom back home that “So-and-so just loves your blog!”} that I’m super excited to give something to YOU.  So enter away!  Good luck!

{You know you think those plates are cute…}

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