‘ello Spring!

Monday, March 21, 2011

{First, thanks to those who entered my first giveaway!  I’ll keep it open until this Friday—it’s not too late to win those cute plates!  Tell your momma, tell your friends.}

Well, I figured since we’re a good two weeks into March…

And today is the official start to spring…

{As announced over the over the sofa…}

02 05 11_5078

I should probably take down these…

DSC_0394Our Christmas cards!

Now, as much as I unabashedly love Christmas, I SWEAR I didn’t keep these up out of some crazy denial that the holidays are over.  They just looked so good on the mirror and I love seeing all of the sweet faces of my friends and family every time I trot down the stairs.  Christmas cards seem to be the last things I take down every year for that reason.

But it was verging on weird, I know.

So when I saw this last Friday, I knew I had to make it to take the place of the cards!  It was adorable, easy, and cheap.  I didn’t bother to make it into a tutorial because Katie did such a good job to begin with.  Why re-invent the wheel, right?

I love it!

I took all of my supplies with me to baby-sit the other night {confession: I still baby-sit from time to time…}—it wasn’t messy and it didn’t take long to finish.  This is a great instant gratification project.



A few things I did differently: I made a 12 in wreath, so this one was a bit bigger and I kept the plastic on (because why not?).  And I went the glue gun route, not the Elmer’s route {it DID take a TON of glue}.

And a few tips if you try this yourself… I wish I had either made this on a green foam wreath or spray painted it green prior.  I had a bit of filling in to do because the straw was showing underneath and if the wreath were green it wouldn’t have been such a big deal.  I also warn you to handle this wreath as little as possible once those peas are on because those suckers come off fairly easily.


Other than that… We spent Saturday afternoon cleaning out the backyard and preparing the ground for our spring and summer plants.

{Note to self: when one is weeding, it is key that one know the difference between a weed and a plant.}

We braved the insanity that was Home Depot on a Saturday afternoon to stock up on tools and leaf bags.  We ended up filling FIVE huge bags with leaves and weeds.  FIVE.

Do you know how big our back courtyard area is?

07 18 10_3635This big. {Not big.}  Five 40 gallon bags.

Hopefully it’ll look like that again soon!  I could barely move on Sunday my legs hurt so bad from squatting. 

Sunday was quite a bit cooler so we abandoned our previous motivation to finish the yard for a few post-church errands and lazy movie watching around the house—it was perfect.  We also abandoned Salad Sundays for a healthier meal of brie and wine while we watched the series finale of Big Love and mourned it’s end…

And now it’s a Monday again!  Argh… Here’s to spring’s final arrival!

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