Thrifty Finds

Monday, February 07, 2011

{My thrifty Saturday turned into a project-filled Sunday, so I was too busy to show you all of my cool stuff!  Still no furniture, but there were still great finds.}

Cora, my friend and fellow blogger, picked me up Saturday morning and while driving through our neighborhood, we realized it was the first Saturday of the month. In our neighborhood, this is when you junk all of your big items on the curb for the city to pick up and haul away.  One man’s trash is another person’s treasure, right?  So we had no shame digging through junk in the rain {well, maybe a little shame... we did plenty of car snooping before we decided to jump out.)  But treasures were found: two large plantation shutter doors {one for me, one for Cora}, a wooden shelf, a crappy wooden tray I’m sure I can do something with… I’m in love with anything wooden these days.  And it was all free!  {We did witness a beautiful antique wooden chest being hauled away by garbage men that we weren’t fast enough to grab.  Traumatized!  We felt like we’d just witnessed a kidnapping and didn't call the cops…}

Once we made it out of the neighborhood, we drove to Unique which is out in Falls Church, a suburb of DC.  We weren’t quite sure what to expect but the store was huge and the parking lot was packed!

Used sheets?  No thanks!  The store was about 50% clothing and 50% everything else, but the place was so big that there was still plenty of everything. I probably said 16 times, "If I only had a garage..."

Apparently, the carts are not allowed beyond the doors.  I know this from experience... That's what that lady in the corner is for.

Showing off our loot once we got home.  Cora grabbed this great leather parsons chair for $10.  She's going to make her own slipcover {to hide the knife slashes, but so what, who cares?} and use it as a desk chair.  Perhaps she'll share it with you on her own Crafty Cfriday?

And here's what I took home....

My half of the closet doors.  Project TBD but the possibilities are endless.  Stay tuned.

I grabbed this HEAVY floor lamp with great details on it for $7. {Our place has little overhead lighting, so I've been on the hunt for floor lamps.}


And this is the collective sum of everything I brought home. My befores: the shelf, the tray, and the shutters were "found items" {ala Pottery Barn}.  The bottle was .99, the basket was .99 {going in the office}, the silverware box was $4, the picture frames were $2 and $3, and the round wooden plaques were .69 each. My bill at the end of the day was a whopping $22.59.

I spent ten minutes bathing my hands in paint thinner last night to get all of the paint off, so I already have some great "afters."  I cannot wait to show you! {But I'm at work, don't have my camera, and blogging at work when you're supposed to be treating kids is frowned upon, I think.}

There is a 100% chance of a Crafty Cfriday this week, so stay tuned!

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