“My Love Be Thine…”

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

We’ve been visiting this new church for the last few weeks, I know I’ve mentioned.  It’s a movie theater church and if you’d asked me my thoughts on church in a movie theater a few months ago, my reaction would have been underwhelming.  But each Sunday, I’ve come home moved, inspired, excited, and wanting to share.  Knowing how difficult it is to translate a church experience a) into words and b) to someone who wasn’t there, I’ve refrained myself.

But I just can’t get it off my mind.

I shared about how a well-timed sermon in November on Psalm 118 carried us through a difficult month

I shared a few weeks ago how we sang in Spanish and English and worshipped as one community…

Two days ago, it was a testimony given by a homeless man who had just returned from a mission trip to Jamaica. A homeless man. This man raised $1200 to travel to another country to serve those in need.  He was not well spoken and at times was hard to follow, but he knew scripture like the back of his hand.  And after sharing the details of the trip, he announced with great joy, “I left for that trip a homeless man…and two days after I got back, I had an apartment!” It was inspiring and moving and convicting all that the same time.  A homeless man had raised $1200 to help others.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Last week, I was introduced to the speaking of Dick Foth {and have been Googling him ever since to find where I can hear him again}, a well-known Christian in DC political circles.  His teaching from the book of Ruth, directed primarily to unmarried listeners, profoundly resonated with me and I have been thinking about the sermon ever since.  I instantly recommended it to my single girlfriends and recommend it to anyone who needs some encouragement when it comes to the seemingly endless cycle of dating…Or anyone who wants to know about Jesus…Or just anyone.

He concluded by reading a card from his wife, also Ruth, written before they were married.  Just words, but their eloquence hasn’t left me:

“Ask for my white gloved hand, the hills to pearl will turn, the sand to diamonds.

Ask for my lips to kiss, each star the setting of a diadem shall be. 

But ask for my love and heaven to earth shall come.

My love be thine.”

Here is the link to watch or listen to the sermon… I think it’s worth your time to play, even if it’s just in the background while you check your email and read your blogs.

I’m not sure the purpose of this blog or who it’s really directed to… The last few Sundays have been building on one another though and I always want to come home and tell you about it.  There are so many things about this new church, big and small, mentioned and unmentioned, that are really resonating with me.  And I don’t know why, but I just felt like I should share.

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