Junkin’ Part II: The Before & Afters

Thursday, February 24, 2011

You know you suck at following through on things when your boss asks you, “When are you going to show us your afters??”  I’m still finishing the two projects I’m most excited about, so I keep putting it off but I guess I should at least show you what I have done.

When we moved into a bigger place last summer, we didn’t have the money to just buy a bunch of new stuff {we still don’t…}, so I’ve slowly been on the hunt for things to fill the spaces…

Remember my heavy $8 floor lamp? {Has anyone tried to buy a floor lamp lately?  They’re all, like, a hundred bucks!}

02 05 11_504602 05 11_5082

One wipe down with 409, one coat of white primer, and a few coats of high gloss black spray paint later and…

02 06 11_5038 02 11 11_5028 DSC_0352b


{TGrass won’t admit it, as with every other project I do, but that lamp really looks good in our living room.}

Oh, the magic of spray paint!  The following are presented to you courtesy of Rustoleum High Gloss spray paint {not really, but really…}:

02 05 11_508402 06 11_505302 11 11_5001

I was too lazy to buy wood filler, so I just wrapped some wired ribbon through the holes at the top and voila!  I know it’s not Pottery Barn, but it’s cute enough for my laundry room.  More vintage bottles to come…

02 11 11_5004DSC_0366

You can’t tell from the picture, but I love that top frame because of how thick it is—it’s probably and inch and a half deep.  I was even able to use the mat inside the frame for the other laundry picture.  {I just printed the vintage ads off of The Graphics Fairly and there you go…}

01 30 11_4910DSC_0356









Remember my GW find that I royally failed on because I didn’t prime it?  Turns out priming anything ceramic or glass is key for a good spray paint makeover.  I gently sanded it to get rid of the drips and started over.  It’s not perfect, but luckily everything has a side that faces the wall!


{Now, does anyone know how I can make one of these??}

Trust me, I know this stuff isn’t life changing.  This doesn’t even touch the creative re-dos out there. This is just to help you see the possibilities beyond the junk… Everything can have a second life—you just need some black {or yellow} spray paint…

{P.S. I linked up here today… There are some fabulous ideas posted—check them out!}

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