Highs & Lows

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hey gang!  Unfortunately, it’s Monday morning and there is a long week in front of me.  We did have a great weekend though, the highlights of which I will share via a list of highs & lows {Anyone else love The Story of Us? Anyone?}.


  • Our friend Neal, who moved away last April, was in town for a work trip.  This meant a reunion of an old group of friends, a night out on the Hill, and brunch in Eastern Market.  Great to see you Neal!  {Hope Build-a-Bear was everything you hoped and dreamed...}
  • I sucked down a milkshake from Good Stuff.  Enough said.
  • Friday night, I had a girls night with my friend/co-worked Amy.  We had a scenic dinner on the roof of the Kennedy Center and then went to see The Cripple of Inishmaan.  I was feeling all cultured and stuff until Amy got caught stealing a dinner roll… {Misunderstanding}.  I see musicals quite a bit, but hadn’t seen a play in years—it was fantastic!
  • Last night we had the Terrys over for supper {not dinner— supper.}.  Cora grew up on a farm in Georgia and is an amazing cook; I am giddy every time she hosts Bible study and cooks us dinner.  Whenever someone asks if something is low fat, she shoots a look that says “Are you crazy??” “Oh no honey.”  I love her.  {I’m also secretly hoping if I hang out with her more I’ll get some of my southern accent back…}  But I digress…  In honor of my mini Paul Dean, we planned a downhome supper: Tyler fried chicken, I mashed potatoes, and Cora made the BEST mac and cheese, biscuits, and banana pudding… It was SO. GOOD.  We even got crazy with that bubbling oil and made some impromptu onion rings.  Watch out world!  The Grassmeyers are fryin’ stuff…  We were two seconds away from Pop Tarts.

DSC_0468DSC_0469DSC_0471{I promise, you wish you had smellevision.}

  • Speaking of fried stuff, after six months of not having a gym membership, I finally joined our neighborhood gym!  I am a low-maintenance exerciser; give me a treadmill with a TV and I am one happy girl.  This gym is great and my TV treadmill access is < $20 a month.  I picked “Fool’s Gold” to entertain me through my Saturday workout, figuring Kate Hudson in a bathing suit would add an extra kick to my step.


  • Elizabeth, Neal’s lady, couldn’t make the trip… We missed you EL!
  • I didn’t start working on my kitchen table project, despite the nice weather.  I figured a table is key for dinner guests, no?
  • Kate Hudson was fully clothed the entire time I was on my Precor machine.  Fully clothed.  In “Fool’s Gold.”  What are the chances?
  • I didn’t post my “Afters” from last weekend!  I’m still working on one thing and I don’t want to share until it’s just right…
  • I stayed up super late Saturday night working on a blog make-over for a friend and decided it was a good idea to watch Psycho. “This isn’t scary!”  Bad idea.

Fun weekend, good times.  Good thing because the next three days are going to be loooong.  My college roommate is flying in Wednesday night so it’s going to be a busy, busy week.  Catch you on the flip side!

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