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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some of you may remember last summer I solicited your opinion on what to do with my future-haven’t-found-on-Craigslist-yet kitchen table {we hadn’t even moved yet but that’s my classic “jump the gun when I get too excited” move.}.

Furniture OptionsHowever, after spending all summer stalking Craigslist and repeatedly getting furniture sold out from under me, I got fed up and stopped looking. Two weeks ago, though, my boss was showing me pictures of her house, bypassed a picture of table, making an offhand comment about “That was a table I was trying to sell…” “Wait, wait, wait. Go back! Are you still selling it??” By the weekend, the table was mine all mine at the small cost of taking my boss to lunch and hauling the table away.



It’s PERFECT—exactly what I was looking for. Two extension leaves, beautiful carved legs, great wood {I almost hate to mess with it}. I LOVE it. I originally thought we’d keep the table small and only use the leaves when we had company, but it actually looks great and fits the room perfectly at full size! Looks like Tyler and I can have four kids after all…


It’s too frickin’ cold these days to start my table flip, but I decided to go with a very dark brown stain or paint—it keeps with the theme of the brown curtains I painted {ruling out black} and I ruled out white just because… I’m going to stain/paint it, distress it and glaze it. I’ve been reading Altar’d’s e-book on repainting furniture, among other sites, to make sure I get it right.

image{I love this table on Altar’d}

For the chairs, I ultimately want four seagrass chairs with two arm chairs on the end. But since seagrass chairs aren’t cheap anywhere (however they were on sale at World Market this weekend), we bought just two and are using our four existing chairs. We’ll gradually buy more as the wallet allows. Soon the table will be as dark as the chairs and I think it’ll look great! For now, I’m just so thrilled to have a long table and six chairs, I don’t care that the wood doesn’t match!


Of those 407 options I presented six months ago, I finally made a decision—dark brown and seagrass. Now, I need to go put together some better table top centerpieces. I spotted some great mercury glass hurricanes at Homegoods the other day…

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