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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

First, thank you for all of your kind words yesterday! I am always so encouraged and uplifted when I read your comments after writing "heavier" posts!

{Now I will complain about how sick I am...}

I have been home sick now for THREE days with lots of thoughts floating around my foggy head… But to counter the length of yesterday’s post, I will fill you in on my current state via bullet points!

  • I have not worked in three days, thanks to my current disease state—this is following the week I took off for Christmas.  The way I figure it, northern Virginia mommas don’t want Darth Vadar hanging out with their kids and holding their babies…
  • Have I mentioned I don’t get PTO?  Hourly rates have upsides and downsides—this is a downside.
  • I have spent five days with a Neti pot up in my grill trying to make this sinus thing go away.  I go to the doctor, wait an hour, only to be told to go keep Neti potting.  I NEED DRUGS PEOPLE!!
  • If you yourself are a Neti pot-er, would you please go here and tell my sister I’m not crazy?
  • Monday was my personal January One, which started with my first weigh in in six months {It’s kind of a long story, but I broke my scale in June… It’s not how it sounds.} and a resumption of my normal eating habits.
  • …Okay, it’s not that long a story—I dropped my perfume on our glass scale on accident.  Both broke into a thousand pieces.  {See, I told you it wasn’t how it sounded.}
  • I felt hungry for the first time in a month today.  It was kind of nice.
  • I was REAL afraid to step on my NEW scale because I’d convinced myself I was only 15 pounds lighter than my husband.
  • {Don’t bullets make the read go by faster?}
  • I stepped on the scale and I WAS NOT ONLY 15 POUNDS LIGHTER THAN MY HUSBAND!!  I was pleasantly surprised at the number I saw.  Operation: lose ten pounds started yesterday. 
  • Can I get a amen that it’s not operation: lose thirty pounds??
  • I’m in this movie every winter/spring/fall: gain ten pounds in winter, lose ten pounds in spring.  My weight is lower than expected but I’m pretty sure it’s because all of my muscle mass was replaced by fat. There is not a speck of muscle definition to be found on my body.
  • Switching gears… Could Polo put anymore pins in their men’s shirts?  Have you ever taken one of those things out of the package? It’s like diffusing a bomb.
  • In an attempt to organize my life, I menu planned and made grocery lists week by week for the whole month of January.  I primarily used SkinnyTaste for the recipes, and am back to tracking my foods via FitDay.
  • {Are posting weekly menus with links to the recipes something you’d be interested in reading?}
  • I l-o-v-e both of those sites and HIGHLY recommend them—consider that another Barefoot Daydreams official endorsement.
  • I unintentionally missed The Bachelor last night, but I was NOT excited about Brad coming back.  ABC producers: “Oh-no-the-last-runner-up-turned-us-down-for-the-first-time-in-Bach-history-and-we-haven’t-been-trying-to-find-a-new-one-so-let’s-be-totally-uncreative-and-pick-a-guy-WHO’S-ALREADY-BEEN-THE-BACHELOR!!”
  • Lame.  So did you watch it?  Yay or Nay?

So that’s it!  I’m sick, re-vamping my workout and eating plans, putting away Tyler’s Christmas gifts, and not watching The Bachelor… What are you up to?

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