Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hey guys!  I haven’t been the best blogger these days and while I am well aware that your life is perfectly fine without updates from me, I still feel bad for just doing the random “drop-in” posts to ease my guilty conscience for not really blogging!  Admittedly, this post won’t be enticing for all, just an update on the happenings in the Grassmeyer world…

Life was a little busy last week and there wasn’t time to blog or even anything interesting to say {“Hey guys…I worked today and then made dinner and then fell asleep…”}.  A busy work schedule hasn’t allowed for any new projects either and I’m still recovering from the Christmas decorations to make any big changes.  I WILL tell you about my new kitchen table tomorrow, changes to the green monster soon, and there’s a Goodwill trip in store for the weekend—yippee!

Last week I DID partake in my first book club—I spent the week reading like a crazy person to finish the book in time {Oh yeah, THAT’S what I was doing!}.  We read “An Object of Beauty” by Steve Martin and I really enjoyed it.  Ooodles and oodles and oodles of respect for Steve for being such a talented comedian, actor, musician, AND writer.  I have no idea what the critics said about it, but I enjoyed it.  Book club is forcing me to branch out and pick titles I wouldn’t normally.  The meeting itself was fun too—quite a mix of personalities, all of which were new friends to me, and great food.

The temperatures didn’t leave the 20s for the weekend, so Tyler and I laid low…watched a lot of movies {“The Social Network” and “Easy A”}…had dinner at a friend’s house…ate a lot of cheese…and cleaned the house.  It’s supposed to be in the 40s today, so if anyone’s up for a trip to the pool….

Sunday, we visited a “new” church again {the church I referenced in this post}—this was our 3rd visit in six months.  I mentioned recently that the pastor at our church moved on and while we are certainly NOT leaving our church because he left, we thought we’d take the opportunity to explore.  I started going to McLean in 2005 when I first lived here and was closer to the church, never searching around because I was only here for a few months.  Now, church is 45 minutes away and to be honest, it has started to become an excuse to not go.  Church on Sunday was a great experience for me—they taught us many of the worship songs in Spanish because of the large Hispanic population, so that we could sing as one community.  The children weren’t dismissed for Sunday school until after worship, so the crowd was filled with kids and lots of parents holding babies {which always make me want one!}.  Attendees were dressed up, dressed in sweats, and many were wearing football jerseys cheering on their teams for the play-off games to come.  I looked around while we worshiped in different languages, took in the variety of ages, races, socio-economic statuses and felt like this is what a church body is supposed to look like.  To top it off, the sermon was amazing, the church is 10 minutes away, and we sat next to a guy in a Georgia sweatshirt!

Work is much slower this week which has it’s pros and cons.  We’re finally supposed to get some snow on THURSDAY, which is good because I don’t work on Thursdays.  All of our “wintry weather” this season has been coming on my busiest days which just leads to cancellations and a shrinking paycheck.  Plus, when it’s snowing outside, I just want to be able to stay home and enjoy it!

Tyler came home sick yesterday which happens once in a Halley’s comet, so I slept on the sofa last night {it is freezing downstairs where our guest bedroom is and if you’d seen our electric bill last month, you’d have braved the backache too!}.  Tonight is the State of the Union which is like the Super Bowl for Hill staffers {nerd alert!}, so Tyler made sure to not miss work today.  I myself will be watching the Georgia/Florida basketball game…

And that’s all!  Tomorrow I’ll show you my new table and Thursday I’ll share our February dinner menu, with a review of the hits and misses from January.

Happy Tuesday!

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