Girl Time

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

{I would title this Birth Control: Part II, but this experience was not quite as overwhelming as Part I…}

This next blog will take you way back in time if you are an old school reader of my blog, but I’m pretty sure my audience back then consisted of my mom.  Maybe a sister or two.

I had two of my favorite girls over last week for a play date—Corrie and Alex, the daughters of some friends of ours who have moved away to Nebraska.  I admit, I love kids and I’m not real picky about that.  But these girls are especially awesome—they’re smart, they’re sweet, and just plain funny.  I probably haven’t seen them in over a year, but they were in town last week when we bumped into them at church.  Church turned into lunch, and lunch turned into an invitation to give their mom a break later in the week.

{They weren’t too shy about asking to come over either!}

I should warn you…these aren’t your average elementary-aged girls.  Not five minutes after walking in the house, they spotted the gingerbread house sitting on my kitchen table {leftover from the Christmas/Cookie Swap decorations} and immediately wanted to eat it.  Incessant “That’s really old” warnings did not to deter them from picking it apart and eating it…it just spurned them to beg to smash it into a thousand pieces.

So that’s what we did!  Why not?  I was just going to throw it away and I have plenty of hammers.  So out back we went…




{She did NOT hit that out of her mouth… We did establish rules.}





Other fun happenings: Alex, who is 7 {and still the spunkiest kid around} was curious to see what happened when you freeze chocolate syrup.  When I agreed to squeeze some into an ice cube tray, she just stared at me, stunned, and exclaimed:


More funny things overheard in my kitchen from Alex:

  • “Use a knife, girlfriend. USE A KNIFE GIRL.FRIEND.” {Corrie trying to get jelly out of a jar.}
  • “Mmmmm.  Chips and queso are my speciality.”
  • “This is kinda like DC-type food.  And I’m kinda used to country food.” {She would be referring to wheat bread…}
  • Spotting a bottle of lemon juice in the fridge—“Can I drink that????  Please!!” {And she did. Squirted the remainder of the bottle straight in her mouth.}

The two also spotted an autographed picture of famed Nebraska QB Eric Crouch downstairs and unlike most young girls, they freaked. out.

Corrie: “IS THAT SIGNED BY ERIC CROUCH??? He’s the Heisman winner for 2001!!” {Begins to rattle of stats I cannot begin to replicate…}

Alex: “Yeah, he’s the Heis-man.”

Then, also unlike most young girls, they started wrestling in the middle of the living room.  Alex jumps on Corrie’s back and Corrie drags her all over the room.

Corrie, done playing: “I’m Brett Favre and I’m retiring from this kind of work!!”

{Ben, you should be proud.}

This play date was much easier {and much shorter} than our last hangout.  I attribute this to me a} lowering my expectations and b} no longer having downstairs neighbors.  I had so much fun talking to them and listening to the funny things they had to say.  Corrie is still brilliant and Alex is so overly concerned with being polite and courteous that it melts you.  Not to mention we spent the rest of the afternoon eating soup and grilled cheese while watching The [Original] Parent Trap—only the best movie ever made.


Coming soon…a baby BROTHER in April!  I can’t wait to see how that kiddo handles these girls!

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