Bargain Shopping

Monday, January 31, 2011

Tyler had the pleasure of accompanying me to the areas finest and most austere shopping locale this weekend… Goodwill, baby.  I was on the hunt for furniture to refinish but no dice.

{I lie.  There were dice.  Beautiful, handcrafted, solid wood dice.  But they were all too large to fit the area I’m looking to fill. It was excruciating to walk away from.}

While I didn’t find what I’d hoped to, I took home a few great knickknacks…

01 30 11_4913

01 30 11_4915I love the color of these two and I’m sure I can do something great with them… I just have no idea what they are.  Vases? Candle pillars? Have at it folks!

01 30 11_4921Just a silver tray, but it’s heavy and only needs a good polishing.  This set me back a whole $3.

01 30 11_4917Another great silver piece.  Hammered exterior, thick and heavy.  A whopping 96 cents.

01 30 11_4922I don’t know who sets the prices at Goodwill, but this tiny antique jar was $1.25. Large silver bowl = 96 cents.  Tiny glass jar= $1.25. {That’s still ok with me…}

01 30 11_4912

And my favorite find…the lamp.  I don’t know if I will ever buy a lamp from a real store again!  The place was stocked with great lamps, pairs of lamps, all just begging for a good paint job.  I thought this one was perfect for our basement which I painted grey/blue last month.  I’m going for grey/warm yellows/whites/silvers in the basement and have been looking for yellow lamps like this…

Alexis Ceramic Table Lamp Base

{I realize they don’t look the same but that’s the color I’m going for…}

So I headed to Home Depot and found some great warm yellow, high gloss spray paint… This is where I show you my beautiful new lamp, sitting on the white bookcase, with the grey/blue wall in the background…right?


Epic failure.

As soon as I started spraying, the paint just started to bead up and run down the sides—it didn’t stick at all.  I’m going to have to lightly sand it down and start over.  Should I prime it?  Is that the problem?  I’ve never had spray paint react like this on me. {And I’ve spray painted alotta of junk…}

01 31 11_4927

{This color is not reflective of the real color at all. It is not that bright.  The drips?  Yes, they’re that bad…}

01 30 11_4919

And my last great weekend purchase?  These were not found at Goodwill, but we stopped at Hill’s Kitchen after our post-church brunch this morning.  They had cookie cutters for all of the states—aren’t they great??  I see endless possibilities with these for football games next fall…

Who says you have to spend a ton of money?  I got all these great finds for $20 total.  Not bad for a day’s work!

So back to those blue ceramic things… Tell me, what should I do with them?

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