How to host a cookie swap…

Friday, December 24, 2010

Step 1. Find a co-host… You split up the cooking, the To-Do list, the costs, AND you merge two groups of friends which makes for lots of new chatter at the party.  I highly recommend it.

Step 2. Clean the house top to bottom… {If out of town the weekend prior, make your husband do it.}

Step 3. While out of town, have flight cancelled 24 hours prior to party.

Step 4. Elevate heart rate and blood pressure.  Beeline for customer service.  Stand in line for an hour. Make 1800 phone calls.  Rebook flight…

Step 5. Once on plane, sit on runway for three hours waiting for de-icing.

Step 6.  Upon arrival home, immediately {lovingly} order husband around.  Stay up until 1am implementing to-do list…

Step 7.  Make gift bags for guests to collect their cookies in… {Image compliments of the Graphics Fairy.  Have I mentioned I love her site?}


Step 8: Implement voting system… Assign every cookie a number and every guest one “vote” card to place in the cookie’s envelope they deem the best.


Step 8. Light the candles, start the music, pour the wine…

Step 9. Talk, introduce, chat, socialize, discuss, politely nod head, conversate, laugh…


Step 10. Admire the cookies…

Step 11. EAT the cookies…

Step 12. VOTE!


Step 13.  Announce the BEST cookie at the first annual Grassmeyer-Gee cookie swap: The Red Velvet!  Congratulations Cora!

The cookie swap was a success—it was a great opportunity for a bunch of girls to get together over the holidays.  We held it on a weeknight, so no one felt pressure to be too dressy or stay too late, we had a great dinner and even better desserts!  And it was so fun to introduce different groups of friends and hang out with new ones.  We also swapped recipes of all the great cookies—almond cookies, toffee ones, red velvet, pine bark, macaroons, marshmallow coconuts, peanut butter chocolate kisses…. They were soooo good.  What’s Christmas without a five lb weight gain, right?  I like to think we just helped start the season off right!

Present day, Tyler and I are in Savannah with my family, heading up to Atlanta tomorrow where all the branches will come together for the weekend.  DC is forecasted to have a white Christmas, so I was a little bummed to be heading to warmer climates, but it turns out Atlanta is forecasted with snow so I’m happy for that.  I’m a little behind on blogging and sharing about regular “life stuff”—there is plenty to update you on come January 1.

Y’all have a very merry Christmas—I so appreciate sharing my little life with you on here and in turn, meeting and reading about all of you. 

Merry Christmas.

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