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Monday, December 20, 2010

How do you people find the time to blog during the holidays??  Sheesh!  I’m overwhelmed to say the least, though T and I did have a productive weekend—both socially and Christmastime-related-errand-running-wise.  Still, I’ve had this guilty blogger cloud following me everywhere and I have GOT to make it go away…

I’ve been meaning to fill y’all in on our fabulous girls weekend I mentioned last week.  As I said, my grandmother celebrated her 80th 65th birthday, so my mom and my aunt planned a great weekend for all of the women and ladies and girls (females…) in our family and rented a cabin in the mountains of north Georgia.  We have never had any weekend like this in our family and I think we’re already ready to plan the next one.  We had a blast—a low-key, laid-back blast.

I’ll let the pictures tell most of the story but you know I can’t stay quiet for long…

Aunt Debbie and Grandmommy {some people also call her “Jane”} ready to go.And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my mom…Becky, Angie, and I drove up later that night with sleepy Halley Jane and Abby Grace in tow {Good thing I don’t have a baby because that kid would’ve been strapped to the roof…}.Friday morning was the birthday girl’s big day, so decorations were in order… We only left the house once to celebrate in town with a birthday lunch…DSC_0019You’re not a birthday girl without your crown!The queen and her maidens…DSC_0017I think it’s too soon for solids, but Abby was daring enough to try her first taste of table…DSC_0021Which Halley celebrated… “High five mom!”The Jaros girls.It would just take entirely too long to explain to you why my grandmother is taking her picture with Blue Ridge’s very own Domino’s delivery man…Friday night, things got really crazy…I mean, really. Out of hand.I’m telling you… Insane.I probably hadn’t done a puzzle since 3rd grade, but it was so fun!We took some time to celebrate the Queen Mum further (with red velvet cake, no less…).DSC_0052She wasn’t quite dressed for the occasion, though, so we thought this hat was in order.DSC_0057And of course, a feather boa, gloves, and a ring… She was a great sport!Saturday morning brought more puzzles… {I’m pretty sure I never changed out of my PJs... Aren’t those the best days?}

DSC_0008Truer words were never spoken…DSC_0006And even though this weekend was all about Grandmommy, there was still lots of baby love to go around…DSC_0060Breakfast with Jammie deserves a round of applause…DSC_0064Future sisters in law!  My cousin Kelsey (left) and Jessica, who will marry into the family next June (Just a technicality really, she’s already part of the gang.)DSC_0065


DSC_0144Chocolate!!DSC_0068Becky and I woke up early one morning (thank you, Halley) to make homemade cinnamon rolls, only to realize we’d forgotten the cinnamon.  On top of that, our yeast didn’t really rise, but they still tasted great.  Lesson learned: it’s REALLY hard to screw up cinnamon rolls. Or cinnamon-less cinnamon rolls.DSC_0069DSC_0124

The babies dressed up to pose for Christmas pictures…

DSC_0145And there was some wine involved…DSC_0148And thanks to a spirited game of Musical Catch Phrase (though the “spirited” part may not come across in this picture…), we now have a universal gesture for the word “birth” to be shared at family gatherings for years to come… I will not demonstrate.

Other highlights: the Georgia and Tennessee fans were subjected to watching the Heisman ceremony with all of the Auburn fans, my sister and I slept in bunk beds for the first time since Christmas Eve 1996 {and laid in bed and giggled while texting each other every night because Halley was also sleeping in the same room and we couldn’t talk…}, we carried an old family tradition of playing Pictionary onto the younger generation {who must be fast learners because they full on HANDLED us in a truly embarrassing display of sketching…}, and I ate twice my body weight in those delicious homemade cheese crackers with the nuts in them…the ones that you roll the dough into a log and cut slices off {ala store-bought sugar cookie style}…the ones that taste like they were basted in butter by a heavenly host.  Those things.  Along with lots of dry Chardonnay.  Twice my body weight.  {If I shared with you that Cheez-Its and apple juice was my favorite childhood snack, would this all make sense?}

So ANYWAY, we ate a lot and laughed a lot and cooked a lot, sipped wine a lot and puzzled a lot… And though it was just simple stuff, it was all laced with love and celebration for Jane Jaros—the matriarch of our family.  To sit in a room and laugh with 12 women who love each other so much, and realize that we all started with her, that our families and future families are all rooted in the love and faith and principles that are hers is a really special thing.  It inspires me to be a better woman, a better wife, a better follower of my faith to ensure that I uphold her legacy in my own family.

I love you Grandmommy. {And you, Monroe/Smith/Everette/Copetillo girls!  Y’all busy next weekend?}

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