Window Mistreatments Follow-up

Thursday, November 04, 2010

WOW!  Thanks for the response, blogosphere!  Thanks to a flattering tweet from The Nester herself, word got out about my curtains and it was really fun to hear from new commenters, as well as Facebook folks and email-ers! {This must be what’s like to be Kelly… *sigh*}

To follow-up on a few questions…

  • The painters tape was actually fantastic and the paint didn’t bleed through, which surprised even me… {My most successful experience yet! Forget walls…} I did paint away from the direction of the tape to avoid any getting underneath.
  • I have no idea if the fabric can be washed—I doubt it and will probably only spot treat for the life of the curtains… That being said, it IS fabric paint, so maybe it’s possible?  I won’t risk it.
  • And I mentioned this in the comments, but the curtains are definitely not perfect.  There were tiny bleeds here and there and I accidentally crossed the blue line a few times, but that’s the beauty of it—curtains hang and drape in such a way that allows you to hide the imperfections… If you’ll never be able to ignore the little blemishes, this project may not be for you! {At least not my curtains…}

I’m also excited to share that The Nester wants to include the curtains in her next e-book on Window Mistreatments!  So keep your eyes peeled—you’ll want to be the first one in that virtual line to learn from her tips and ideas.

And in the “Kinda Related” category, I finally succumbed to the pressure and joined Twitter!  I have no idea what I’m doing on here, so hold my hand and walk me through it okay?  The latest and greatest from KateGrassmeyer

Okay, Happy Thursday!  It’s almost Friday…

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