I had a memory…

Monday, November 15, 2010

I was sitting on an airplane yesterday, a connecting flight from Minneapolis to DC, coming home from Arkansas {though the flight was out of Tulsa…}  My earbuds were in, my iPod was on shuffle, and a familiar opening began to play.  A warm emotion was stirred in my gut as the cello intro to “A Page is Turned” strung through my ears.  And I remembered, “This song was played at my wedding…”

I remembered sitting in the backseat of the car, peeking between my mom and stepdad, driving up Highway 15 to my freshmen orientation.  I confidently declared, “I’m going to play this song at my wedding!” as we listened to my latest Bebo Norman cd… My mom got teary and I was giddy.

And I remembered standing behind a cracked door in a small room, peeking into the candlelit church.  A thin veil covered my face and I was gripping my dad’s arm as a cello began to play that familiar intro.  I whispered, “I’ve wanted to play this song at my wedding since I was 18…”  I got teary and my dad just laughed.

And I remembered turning a corner, still gripping my daddy’s arm as the cello came to a close and “The Wedding March” began to play.

And I remembered seeing my husband’s sweet, sunburned face break into a wide smile as his lips trembled and a few quiet tears slipped down his cheek.  I walked down the aisle to meet my future.

“A boy in curly grin…”

These are vivid, special memories threaded through my life, immediately stirred by that familiar refrain of the cello.  All while sitting between two strangers on a flight from Minneapolis…

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