Crafty Cfriday: “I can make that!”

Friday, November 05, 2010

So, I don’t have any crafts or DIY project to share per se, but I have LOTS of ideas… The latest Ballard and Pottery Barn catalogs arrived on my doorstep today and if that didn’t make it feel enough like Christmas morning, the pages finished the job!

I know we’re only a few days into November, but time flies people and we have work to do!  I relish Christmas so I try to have my decorations up the weekend following Thanksgiving so I can enjoy this for as long as possible.  We’re also in a new house this year, so I have to come up with all new ideas on where everything goes, in addition to having more space to decorate. {It’s tough, I know.}

ANYWAY.  All this to say that I’m overflowing with inspiration from BD and PB and there are many an overpriced item to which I responded, “I can make that!”  So allow this to serve as my pictorial To Do list for the next few Fridays…


Burlap + fabric paint + ribbon + fabric swatch = c’est simple!imageLinen or muslin + fabric swatch + ribbon = easy peezyimageMy version = Linen + burlapimageLinen + stencil + fabric paintimageBurlap + fringe… {Noticing a trend in my materials?}

imageMini pinecones {currently scattered all. over. my .yard} + wreath + ribbon + white spray paint.imageLinen + fabric paint.image Wreath + magnolia leaves

I promise, I have plenty of decorations in green, red, silver, and gold to balance all of that brown!  These are just my DIY projects to add to the collection… And I anticipate the sum total of these projects to be well below $50.

So I better get started!  What are YOU making for Christmas 2010?

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