Crafty Cfriday: Christmas Pillows

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Greetings from NW Arkansas! We made it safely last night and are having so much fun hanging out with our nephews. Cohen and I are even having our own Crafty Cfriday this morning painting choo choo trains.

So, as I mentioned earlier this week, I made three pillows last weekend that I'm just not sure about... I'm not saying that to be humble-- I honestly don't know if I like them. I did a fairly good job copying the Ballard ones but I think the fabric options available to me just weren't the best... So here they are. Please share any ideas you might have to make them look a little less "crafty" and a little more sophisticated. :)


Reminder: my inspiration


Step 1: Make burlap pillow case (This one is for a 20x12 in pillow)


I drew ornaments on the cardboard until I like a few, then traced them onto stencil paper and cut them out.


Then I traced them onto the pillow case with fabric marker.


I used paint markers to fill in the outlines-- it was so easy! Just like coloring...


I cut out a few pieces of fabric and glued down some ribbon... Again, EASY.


And viola! Done. I don't LOVE the ornament fabric, but I'll keep my eyes peeled for some I like. It's pretty easy to peel fabric off of burlap if it's only glued down with hot glue.


For the bigger pillows (18x18), I pretty much did the same thing. Cut out an ornament from Christmas fabric and hot glued it down, along with a strip of ribbon.


Glued on a few more pieces for decoration...



I stitched a small border around the edge of the ornament to add a little something, but you can't really see it here. I finished by gluing all the pieces together-- the back is burlap, the front is linen.


Same process for the holly one... {I like the holly pillow better.}




So that's them! I definitely think they're cute, but I'm debating whether they're cute enough for the living room or if they'll remain exiled to the basement sofa. :) And because I'm in Arkansas, WHERE THEY HAVE HOBBY LOBBY, my SIL and I are taking a trip today where maybe I'll find some better fabric... I'll let you know if I make any changes. {Cherish, we can still take a field trip! I'm sure everything I'll want won't fit on my carry-on...}

Happy Friday, y'all! Go get your craft on.

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