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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

{I have two today…}

Glory Haus


I was running out the door the other day, running late {per my usual game…}, when I stumbled upon a very large, long box sitting on my doorstep.  I was not expecting a delivery and the label was handwritten from a friend, so I just couldn’t resist ripping into it to sneek a peek.

I made the right choice, folks! Inside was filled with hand painted signs, picture frames, and Georgia Bulldawg gear from the company Glory Haus.  The package was a gift from a friend of ours whose sister started the company… I already loved this company and had previously used a lot of their items to “inspire” DIY projects of my own…before I knew it was owned by said friend’s sister—whoops! No more of that…

So here are some pictures of the goodies I was lucky enough to be gifted {Thank you Neal!}

DSC_0046How cute is this picture frame?    

        DSC_0042  DSC_0043

This sign converts to this…

DSC_0045And I can’t wait to hang this one for Christmas!

DSC_0039Then, of course, my favorite… Go Dawgs!

Now, head on over to check out their site!  They have TONS of adorable décor and just in time for Christmas… You can read their blog here and purchase your loot here.


The Graphics Fairy   Add My New Button without using Code!

I was reading Bless Our Nest the other day and Shannon made a reference to The Graphics Fairy, a site I was unfamiliar with.  So I decided to go check it out…  Holy moly, man, woman, and child!  I am in trouble!  This blog is dedicated to amazing graphics and clip art collected from antique books, postcards, newspapers, and advertisements.  And it’s all free! 

In addition, the projects that readers make with the images are shared and posted.  I even learned how to transfer graphic images onto fabric! Woohoo!  I spent a looong time this weekend scouring the site and saving the images to my hard drive.  {If you thought I was into making pillows before…}  I added the link over on the left—go check it out!  You won’t be sorry. I promise.

* I should note that I am not being reimbursed, coaxed, forced, commanded, suggested, requested, bribed, or blackmailed to promote these companies in any way.  I just like ‘em and thought you would too!

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