Touches of Fall

Friday, October 08, 2010

What, you thought I was just going to leave you with those awful pictures of my house from yesterday?? Not so fast my friends [channeling my inner Leo Corso].

I started decorating for fall a few weeks ago, but never had the time to share the little touches (or completely finish).

10 07 10_381010 07 10_3808 

10 07 10_381210 07 10_3835

I have been burning this guy like crazy.  It. smells. amazing.

10 07 10_3819  10 07 10_3836 

Yes, I got this idea from The Nester and I really like it. I just wanted something simple and easy to make.  I thought I was all awesome until I read this blog.  And now I DO think it’s too high and too small.  Should I move this to our backdoor?  Or maybe make another and hang it on our front two windows?

My mom did send me this link today and I am quite fond of this wreath… Minus the black ribbon.

Wreath of Miniature Pumpkins

There is more to come… [Sorry TGrass, the decorating’s not done!]  Before Boards crunch time, I made some progress in my design daydreams for the living room, found some great garage sale steals, and finished up a few DIY projects around the house…

Can’t wait to share!

image As for now, we’re off on our yearly pilgrimage to Athens.  Go Dawgs! (Seriously. Go. Dawgs. Get your act together.)

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