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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Okay, okay… I know I pride myself on being a regular blogger, but sometimes life gets crazy!  I feel like I’m just going from one thing to the next these days and am just managing to hang on to my To Do list. Unfortunately, blogging just hasn’t made it…

BUT, today I’m done with work early and have a few hours to squeeze in the recently ignored aspects of my life, like blogging.  And napping…. And eating lunch.

SO, last Friday was a big day, as my niece Halley “Halley Walley” turned one year old!  We just had a small family birthday on Friday and then a few friends came over to play on Saturday.  It was low-key, but full of exciting things like ripping paper, wiping icing in our hair, and playing with our first walk toy.  Here are a few pictures to tide you over…

10 21 10_4053Dancing with mom on the counter…10 22 10_4002Check out those baby blues!10 22 10_4009Maybe my favorite picture of the weekend… She is such a peanut.10 22 10_4015This was the face du jour… A big “O” mouth while trying out all of her new toys.10 22 10_4021I don’t think playing with Tupperware is going to cut it anymore…10 22 10_403710 23 10_397210 23 10_397410 23 10_397810 23 10_3988

“I dig this whole cupcake thing, but not this stinkin’ hat!”

10 23 10_399510 23 10_3990“I’m a great share-er…”10 23 10_3991The Everettes.  Some of my favorite people.10 24 10_3949

{Congratulations, you made it to the half way point.}

Last night, we hit up the Kennedy Center for a show.  For my birthday/our anniversary, Tyler got us box seats to the Broadway series, so we have a show to go to every other month. Before we were married, I warned Tyler he wasn’t allowed to combine my birthday with out anniversary (which are 3 days apart), but I think I can make an exception for this one.  Last night was Hair, a show I knew nothing about except that it was about hippies.

My review is mixed.  The first act was really fun and energetic, tons of audience participation and dancing in the aisles.  Godspell meets Rent.  It was also very sexual and risqué.  If you go, prepare yourself for some full frontal nudity, lots of simulated sex acts, and don’t sit in the first two rows unless you want to sit beneath a man in a loin cloth who’s straddling your head because he’s dancing on your armrests…

The second act was a one giant anti-Vietnam political statement, which I could handle, but it was really weird and slow and boring… Lots of dream and hallucination sequences, so I could have done without. 

photo[1]Taken with an iPhone, so not the best…

They ended the show with inviting the entire audience onto the stage to dance, so that saved the second act for me.  There was one guy who probably weighed 300 lbs, knew every word to every song, who was dancing with and swinging the lead actress around, having the time of his life.  It was hilarious.

Georgia running back Washaun Ealey works for extra yardage against Kentucky linebacker Sam Maxwell.

And I know I’m late on this, but I’m sticking with the theme of this blog, so I wanted to officially welcome back Mr. Adriel Jeremiah Green!  Between he and Washaun Ealey, plus Florida’s worse than Georgia loss to Mississippi State {at home, I might add}, I’m actually optimistic about the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail party this weekend… But I’m trying to suppress it.  {I’ve been here before…} Go Dawgs, anyway.

Okay, I think this is sufficiently long enough… I’ll be back tomorrow though to share the outcome of the “window mistreatments” I mentioned last week…

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