Boards: The Aftermath

Thursday, October 07, 2010

My husband has truly been a rock star over the last month, taking over all of the cooking and chores, but I think the last week was just too much for either of us the handle.  So the whole place has gone to hell in a hand basket.

[In case you think I’m lying…]

10 07 10_3787 10 07 10_3791 10 07 10_3794 10 07 10_3796 10 07 10_3798 10 07 10_380610 07 10_3800 10 07 10_3801 10 07 10_3802 But isn’t it nice that I get to torch this crap put this stuff away forever?  I won’t have the results for awhile, but here’s to hoping.

10 07 10_3828I read through this chapter several times this week before I even noticed the title.

“The Year of the Lord’s Favor.”

I have truly been sustained by the Lord over the last three years and am fully aware that it is only through His strength and guidance that I survived.  I did my part, I took the test, the rest is out of my hands… I can only pray He will continue to have favor on me.

For now, I got’some cleaning todo…

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