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Friday, September 10, 2010

Welcome to the second installment of Crafty Cfriday: The “C” is Silent.  Tyler and I had two of the most expensive months of our marriage recently, having moved in July and traveled to Italy in August.  So to put it lightly, we’re broke as a joke.  If you know me, though, you know I can’t stand not decorating and fixing things up.  So I’ve been on a rant through our house, trying to find little inexpensive projects to spruce up our new place.  Even if it’s little touches, if I’m doing something, it subdues my need to do big projects…

So, first up was our laundry room.  We had guests this weekend and our guest bedroom is located in the basement.  Everything in the basement is white right now.  White, white, boring flat white.  Additionally, our washer/dryer is in the guest bathroom, complete with exposed pipes behind them.  I just don’t have the time/energy/money right now to be painting any walls, but I couldn’t let my guests shower in this boring, white, exposed pipe bathroom.  So, this was my effort at covering it up:

        09 02 10_373209 02 10_373309 02 10_374509 03 10_3724

The breakdown: The letters were about $2.50 apiece… Everything else I already had: black spray paint, green ribbon, and the tan and white damask linen curtain (previously hung behind our bed in our old place).  Not perfect, but it’s cute and WAY better than pipes.  (I would also like to add knobs to the cabinets…)

Project numero due (My favorite number to say in Italian, btw. “Table for DOO-AY”  Wait. I’m getting distracted…). Topiaries.  You know from my Design Daydreams, that I wanted to have topiaries in the living room.  The intended shelf for these topiaries has not been hung (or purchased), but I thought of a few other places I could place them. So….

09 06 10_3713

09 06 10_3716 09 06 10_371709 07 10_3688

Using green, black, and white paint, as well as some water and paper towels, I white washed/antiqued two small terra cotta pots.  (Everything I had except the pots, which were .99 each.)  It took less than 5 minutes to do both of them.

09 07 10_369109 07 10_3695

Then I used sticks collected outside, moss I already had, and styrofoam balls that I don’t remember the price of, but were cheap and made these:

09 07 10_370209 07 10_3710

This wall is right by the front door.  Knick knacks I already had, shelf I already had, and the picture is one we took in Italy and framed in a frame that was on clearance at AC Moore… 09 07 10_3708 Next, I want to put three antique knobs or hooks underneath the shelf to hang keys on. (Yes, Mom, I already abandoned my shutter project, secondary to impatience…)

Project tres… We have an office upstairs next to our bedroom.  It’s painted this olive green color that I like, but since it’s the office, it just hasn’t gotten any TLC… There’s a desk, some bookshelves, a rug, a lamp, yada yada yada… But nothing cute or interesting.

I saw this in Ballard Designs though and got inspired… (Cost: $70)

So, I covered a 16x11 canvas I already had in sticky cork and wrapped it in burlap that I bought for $3/yd.  Then I stamped some designs in the corner with black paint, using paint and stamps I  already had, and hung it with wired, grosgrain ivory ribbon that was $4.

09 02 10_373909 02 10_374009 02 10_3742Tada!  This project took less than 20 minutes, if you don’t include the drive to the fabric store.  And after seeing the price and the various colors of burlap, I now have a thousand ideas on way I can use more of it… I also want to buy these pins, but it kind of defeats the purpose of my projecto el cheapo.

[P.S. Tyler, in case you’re reading this (and I know you are…), this post goes to show you the value of buying things along the way and saving it for a rainy day…]

[P.P.S. Readers, that wasn’t a dig at my husband.  He is actually surprisingly impressed with and embarrassingly dote-y over my DIY projects. “Honey, go upstairs and show them that bulletin board you made!”  He just doesn’t like to spend money when he doesn’t see my end goal… He’ll learn.  One day.]

Okay, LAST project.  I debated on whether to include it because it is a gift, but since it will probably take me another six weeks to mail it, I thought I’d go ahead and post it. Then, the receiver will see it and I will be forced to mail it.

09 09 10_377509 09 10_3783I painted this for my niece’s room, which has a color palette of pinks, browns, and greens, awhile ago… I still haven’t perfected cutesy writing, but maybe if I have enough nieces and nephews, I’ll eventually get it right. (Angie, I already picked up a box from the post office, so I promise… I will get it to you soon!  I hope you like it…)

So that’s it!  Now that my creative juices are flowing, I have to squash them and go turn on my science brain.  It’s time to really hit the books—I may have graduated, but I still have to take Boards.  So, you can find me at the local Starbucks for the next three or four weeks… Have a great weekend!

(And Go Dawgs.)

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