Big Trip 2010: The Blooper Reel

Friday, September 03, 2010

[What? You thought I was done talking about Italy?  Not so fast, readers.  Not done yet.]

So, as you all know, blogs, like movies, can be highly edited… The best pictures are always shown with the most flattering angles.  Only the highlights.  Best foot forward and all that jazz… But who are we kidding?  Life is full of hiccups and so was our trip.  So I thought I’d share the lighter side of our big adventure… No culture.  No sculptures.  Just the pictures from the cutting room floor: the accidentals, the funnies, the videos.  I mean, the blooper reel after the movie is always the best part, right?

So without further adieu—Big Trip 2010: The Blooper Reel…

Life isn’t perfect, but it’s a whole lot of fun…

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