To Tweet or Not to Tweet…

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Last summer I asked “To Twilight or Not to Twilight?” [Outcome: I half-Twilighted—didn’t read the books, saw the movies.]. Today I ask you, “To Tweet or Not to Tweet?”

So, I’ve had a lot of friends asking, urging, begging, pleading with me to join Twitter. “You’ve got to do it!!” [Okay, so I’ve had exactly four friends recommend it…].  I don’t know why I haven’t done it…I guess I don’t totally get it?  Facebook status updates I get because they’re a piece of Facebook…but the status updates alone… Do you care? Do I have to be funny?  Or just random? How often do y’all tweet?  What do you tweet about??

[If for no other reason, I might do it for the privilege of following my girl crush, who I hear is hilarious. Like she always is…]

It’s the last technological frontier for me. So bring on the advice.  Should I take the plunge?

[Unrelated tidbit—I was reading through old blogs and realized I STILL have NEVER had Baconnaise.  What the flip? I NEED bacon flavored mayonnaise in my life.]

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