Birthday Tidbits

Sunday, August 08, 2010

The big birthday is finally upon us… We’ve laid low today.  I’ve been craving french toast for the past 36 hours, so we made a trip to Eastern Market to savor the offering of Tunnicliff’s Tavern.  They did not disappoint.


After some browsing in the market we headed to Georgetown Cupcakes, one of my favorite spots, for some treats.  Upon arrival, this awaited us, thanks to this.

No grazie.

Lucky for us, a snobalicious resident of Georgetown who is not taking well to the commoners who have invaded his doorstep a la the cupcake frenzy hung a huge sign on his porch: “I’m a fan of Baked & Wired” [another Georgetown cupcakery not located around the corner from his esteemed residence.]

Great idea!  We headed to Baked & Wired for treats that now await us in the fridge. [Being that no red velvet was available {sinful}, I opted for carrot cake. We shall see...]

(These suckers are huge and I dig the parchment paper versus the traditional cupcake wrapper…)

My phone has been ringing and dinging off the hook today and my poor Blackberry light will probably die tomorrow due to the constant Facebook alerts, so I’m feeling the love, for sure.

I was serenaded via messages from my friend Lindsey and my adorable 3 year-old nephew Cohen, and “live” by my 5 year-old brother Will Henry. After I talked to Will, I was passed off to my dad, at which point Will whispered to my step-mom, “So, is Dad really her dad?” Haha.  I’ve always wondered if my little brothers (who are 5 and 9 and adopted) truly understand that we’re siblings and I think that answers my question… :)

So today we went for a birthday brunch, bought birthday cupcakes, took a birthday nap, spent a few birthday hours at the pool reading a birthday book  (“The Help”—so good!), with some laundry, cleaning, and packing sprinkled in between.  Tyler’s manning the grill now for birthday dinner…

It’s been a nice, relaxed day leading into the chaos that I’m sure awaits us tomorrow.  My only disappointment is that I don’t get to see my brothers.  It doesn’t matter how old and grown up I get, I’ll always miss not sharing my birthday with the guys I shared it with forever…

(Aren’t they cute??)

Love you guys.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the itinerary of our big trip.  We can’t wait!

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