Big Trip 2010: Sorrento

Saturday, August 28, 2010

So this is it, folks.  You made it!  The last leg of our trip. 

We rented a car in Rome and drove south for three hours toward the Amalfi coast.  We had these grand ideas of keeping Sorrento our home base, but driving to Pompeii to see the volcanic ruins, spending a day in Positano, taking the ferry to Capri and putzing around the island on a rented boat…  We were going to go, go, go and see as much as we could. 

This all changed approximately 3.4 seconds after we closed the doors to our rental car and hit the autostrada.  We were up to our eyeballs in frescos and sculptures and relics and ruins… We just wanted to sit on the Mediterranean and not move for three days.  And that’s exactly what we did.  Sorrento was amaaaaazing.  Heaven on earth.

The drive down toward Amalfi is interstate-like for most of the way, complete with exits, gas stations, and Mickey Ds.  But once you pass Naples, it’s all cliffs and water and beaches.  And it. is. beautiful.

And our hotel was out of this world.  This portion of our trip was meant to be our splurge, our true vacation (in terms of being relaxing) so we paid for it, but neither of us have ever stayed anywhere like La Minervetta.  It was worth every penny.  We just hung out at the hotel, sat by the pool, took walks into town, and ate lunches along the beach…  So anyway, check out the pictures, all eight gazillion of them:

423 425448 450477072044046 Platter heaven.  An exercise in restraint…049 052Our faaaaavorite dinner spot.  We went two nights in a row here and were all buddy buddy with the owner by the time we left…158 Our mozzerella platter… Have I sufficiently expressed my love for cheese here?

Ode to La Minervetta… 073 076 093 097103099443108324 330Our first room… (above)021022 030 Our second room… (We were upgraded because they messed something up with our reservation.)

Finally, our camera has a remote control, so a simple we’re-going-out-to-dinner picture usually turns into something a little more…118 122b 129b 127b142b131b

And that was it!  We packed up our stuff, drove back to Rome, and hopped a train to Paris… We were able to head into the city for the last few hours of our trip, enjoy some quiche, wine, and coffee before headed to Charles du Gaulle airport.  And we’ve been recovering ever since!  It was an amazing trip, we learned a lot, and loved (mostly) every minute.  We were so fortunate to be able to take this trip—thanks for tagging along with us for the ride!  Hope you had fun.

179The End.

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