Pretty nice little Saturday…

Monday, July 19, 2010

Since we moved two weeks ago, it’s been project city around here.  I just can’t sit still or relax when there’s a box to be unpacked or a corner that’s not decorated, so it is a BIG exercise in restraint to not have every inch of the house how I want it to be, right away.  I know in the long run, though, I want to take my time and find ideas and pieces that will really look great and allow me to be creative.

BUT, last weekend, we had friends over to grill out, so we tackled the back patio in preparation.

We previously had two adirondack chairs on our balcony and I’ve been on the hunt to find two more.  We bought our last two unfinished from AC Moore a few summers ago and I’ve been stalking them for several weeks in hopes of finding more…

I was on the verge of giving up, but wouldn’t you know it.  I found two chairs chairs in a back corner for $20 apiece. Twenty. Dollars. Sure, we had to assemble and paint them ourselves, but for twenty bucks?  C’mon.

One trip to Home Depot, fifty buckets of sweat in the hundred degree weather, and four paint brushes later…

07 17 10_3656Voila!07 19 10_3649Did I mention this was twenty bucks?07 19 10_3650Window boxes my mom and I planted last week (there are two others on the fence).

07 19 10_3652Lanterns on sale at Pier 1 and shepherd’s hooks at the Depot…07 19 10_3654I repainted this old nasty TV stand leftover from Tyler’s college days—it still needs another coat and will be sanded down and distressed another day…

07 18 10_3634 Doesn’t look like much, but we love our new outdoor space!  There’s a Weber charcoal grill and a rolling ice chest hiding in there… And we found a great fire pit at Target recently that will remain put away until the weather warrants its use.07 18 10_3636If you peek over our fence, you can see how close we are to the pool! I love it.  Just walk out the back and there it is.  There’s also a basketball court to the left, tennis courts behind the pool, and a playground to the right.  I officially love Fairlington.

07 17 10_3643TGrass is a mean griller so we had ribs, grilled corn and fruit kabobs that night with our friends.  It was soooo good.07 17 10_3645 I tackled dessert and we had mini peach pies and vanilla ice cream.

And of course, I don’t have any pictures of our friends—why would I take those??  But we had a great night hanging out on the patio with friends and are really excited for many more.  We’re already making plans for many a game watch party and s’mores over the fire pit this fall.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too!  Happy Monday. :)

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