Friday, July 30, 2010

Today was a BIG DAY, readers. I know you probably think I’m the boy who cried wolf because everytime I say, “I’m finished!!,” I’m not really finished.

I defended my thesis: HUGE milestone. But that wasn’t it…

I sat for my comps exam and passed: EXTRAORDINARY. But that wasn’t it…

I donned my cap and gown and graduated. My family came from all around the country to help me celebrate: AWESOME! But, nope. Not done yet.

Today, though, my friends, I worked the last day of my last rotation, completing the last requirement, the last eight hours of the 1300 I’ve worked without compensation (save the gift of knowledge...), in addition to the hours of hours upon hours I sat in class, stayed up writing papers until 3 am, studying until 6 am for an 8 am test, endless hours of labs and practicals, late night hours in the cadaver lab…

At 4:45pm this afternoon, I walked out the door of my clinic no longer a student.

I am done. I am free. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Bring on the champagne!!

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