Taste of the South

Monday, June 07, 2010

So, last weekend Tyler and I attended our first “Taste of the South” (TOTS) gala.  TOTS is an event put on between all of the southern state societies in DC (Around here, every state has a “society,” which functions like an alumni group.  They host social functions, networking events, philanthropic projects, etc…).  So anyway, all of the southern state societies, from Virginia down to Florida, and west all the way to Texas and Missouri host this event.  They bring in food and drinks signature to their state and the whole night is a big eat fest.

I couldn’t wait.  I bought a dress.  I ate salads all day on Saturday in preparation for the schmorgesborg of food.  I went to the gym all week to erase any guilt.  What I didn’t prepare for?

The heat.

This place had NO AIR CONDITIONING.  I knew this in advance, but thought “Surely they’ll have fans… Surely they wouldn’t hold an event for 2,000 people in June in a place that isn’t well ventilated.”

Well, they did.

It felt exactly what you think a poorly ventilated, air condition-less, packed with thousands of people eating, drinking, and dancing would feel like.  We had a great time, it was just so. stinking. hot.  Luckily, almost every state gave out fans, but that didn’t really cut it.  Anytime I saw someone I knew, I thought “Please don’t hug me and touch my back and realize how disgusting I am…”

So I had this great post planned out in my head and I was going to share tons of pictures of all the food I ate, but after our initial shots taken upon entry, the camera barely came out.  Between the heat, food and drinks, fans, purses and goodie bags (In addition to food, each state’s area is stocked with free goodies… Barbeque sauce, cookbooks, Moon Pies (Tennessee?)), the picture had to be really worth it to pull out.

So here’s all I got…

06 05 10_3297

(Isn’t this a great picture of Tyler?) 06 05 10_3299

We have pictures with our friends we were with, but they’re not on my camera… We had a great time with Chris and Allison though! 06 05 10_3300 06 05 10_3301

This was Georgia’s booth, which I thought was the prettiest.  (Each state had a theme) Their food wasn’t all that exciting though—Chick-Fil-A, lots of Coca Cola products, hash browns from Waffle House (Really, Georgia… That’s the best you could do? Waffle House?).  They DID have cookbooks from the DC Junior League though, which was my favorite piece of swag.  And red velvet cake.06 05 10_3304 Just a faraway shot of Tennessee & South Carolina’s booths.  (FYI, every state seems to think they invited barbeque.)

Other fun food stuffs… Little Debbie Cakes, shrimp & grits, Krispy Kreme donuts, s’mores!, mashed potatoes, boiled shrimp.  Not necessarily fancy, but definitely fun comfort food!

The parts of the night I will omit?  The cheesy 70s cover band decked out in afro wigs and sequins, our miserable treck home, and my husband’s hiccups that lasted for 2 straight hours.

All in all, we had a great time.  It’s always fun to have an excuse to get dressed up with friends, eat good food, and celebrate being southern!  And in the end, an incredibly hot and humid room seemed fitting for a “Taste of the South.”

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