Road. Trip. Tid. Bits.

Monday, June 21, 2010

In case you haven’t caught on, road trips are kind of our MO around here.  So, T and I headed down to Savannah this weekend for a quick trip.  (And by quick, I mean 36 hours.)  I have so many brothers and sisters that when one goes home, another one says they’ll come too, so then three more chime in so they don’t miss out and...  Voila! Thirty-six hour mini-reunion.

I left work at 4:30 on Friday and T and I were on 95-south by 5 o’clock, braving the infamous DC traffic.  Two hours later, we’d arrived!  In Fredricksburg. 50 miles away. Awesome.

We had Tyler’s fancy dancy, gotta-have-it-right-this minute iPad. And of the 1,348,673 apps available on the iPad, what does it not do?  Let me type on my blog.  Super awesome.  So… it’s Monday and the road trip is done, but I thought I’d still fill you in on the rules and regularities of a Grassmeyer road trip.

Rule #1: Whoever is driving controls the radio.  Tyler does the majority of the driving, which is great.  What is not great is that his stay awake motivation is sports radio.  Dan Patrick.  Mike and Mike.  Baseball.  Basketball. Football.  Even golf...on the radio.  Nothing says stimulating like three hours of hushed whispering.

Rule #2: Chick-Fil-A.  We don’t eat fast food that much, but we L.O.V.E. Chick-Fil-A, so it’s our dinner must on the road.  No lie, I have the exits with CFAs memorized for Virginia and North Carolina.  If you miss the two exits with a CFA in Virginia, you don’t get another one until Roanoke Rapids, NC and after that Rocky Mount (which only has Coke Zero or Caffeine-free Diet Coke—hello sinful).  I’m serious about my #1 with a diet coke, ketchup and light mayo, no pickles.  And have you tried the new Chick-Fil-A sauce??? SO. GOOD.  It’s like a smoked honey mustard dollop of heaven.

Regularity #3: I take the night shift.  I’m the night owl of the family, so I take the wheel somewhere between 11 and midnight and finish the drive across the South Carolina/Georgia border.

Regularity #4: Gas station coffee and candy.  Judge away, but I look forward to the overly sweetened, push-a- button-to-dispense, stop-when-the-cup-is-3/4-full gas station cappuccino to carry me through my shift.  This weekend, I paired it with a bag of gummy worms, which were accidently left in the car overnight.  Upon discovery on Sunday, the worms had melted and re-solidified in a corner of the bag, which did not stop me from consuming pulled off chunks.  Apparently eating solidified high fructose corn syrup is socially unacceptable because my husband told me I was disgusting and made me throw them away. (For the record, melted and re-solidified gummy worms taste just like fresh from the package gummy worms.)

Rule #5: Brooooooadway.  Between my over-active brain that keeps me awake late at night, the coffee, and the gummy worms, I still need a little something to keep me up through the final stretches of South Carolina.  This little something happens to be “Wicked,” “Rent,” and “Newsies,” in that exact order.  I was born to play Elpheba, I tell ya, and T and I sing a mean “Would You Light My Candle?” duet.  But only the interstate can attest…

So, if you’re ever jealous of ten hour road trips, sitting in traffic for hours on end, and arriving at your destination at 3 am…you should be! We have a blast. :)

Happy Monday.

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