DIY Project Numero Uno

Friday, June 04, 2010

No surprise, I’ve been stalking Craigslist for fixer upper furniture like a…well, stalker.  I found this gorgeous table for $25!  Yes, $25…  Just sand that puppy down, re-stain/re-paint it, and hello “Did you get that at Pottery Barn?” compliments.


But when I emailed the guy, I never heard back and the listing has since been removed… (Resounding “Booooo.”)

But I won’t let that stop me.  There are plenty of pedestal tables with removable leaves out there to be found and refurbished by yours truly, so for now I’ll do what I do best.  Plan.

(And ask for your opinions.)


Option #1: Re-stain said table.  (FYI, staining intimidates the bejeezus out of me.)


Option #2: Re-paint said table white.  (Ignore the chairs—more on that later). I like the airiness of it, but question how much I’ll like the “beach house look” of it in the dead of winter?

image Option #3: Re-paint theoretical table black.  I like this idea.  But I wonder if I like black furniture too much and will one day wish I had some “regular” wooden furniture.  Once you paint wood, it’s pretty hard to go back…

Now, for chairs. I looooooooooooove seagrass chairs.  Love, love, love them.  I feel like I could buy 4 and keep 2 of our current chairs for when we use the leaf.  Pottery Barn’s are my favorite (shocking), but I’ve also looked into World Market, Ballard Designs, Home Decorators Collection, etc… None of them are any cheaper or prettier.  FYI: wicker CANNOT be called seagrass.


Chairs option #1: Dark seagrass (Likely to be used with a stained table, don’t you think?)


Chairs option #2: Light seagrass (Can I pair these with a stained table or do I need to go white?  If I go white, we’re back to the “beach house look in December” argument.  To which I ask, can I slipcover seagrass chairs?  Buy those pretty slipcovers for a more “Happy Thanksgiving” look?)



Option #3:  Use our current chairs.  Since seagrass chairs aren’t too cheap, I likely won’t be buying any right away. Our current chairs look like these, with the X back, but they’re stained a deep brown/mahogany.  So, we’re back to square one.  Stained, black, or white?

Let the people speak.

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