As of Late

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

[I’ll be real, I totally stole this list from Christie…]

This is my world lately. I've been...

Reading: The Great Gatsby (Yes—finally started my summer reading.)

Journaling: Via Blogger.  Technology stole my bound journals a long time ago, sadly.

Eating: Fish tacos.  I could eat fish tacos every day.  (Don’t forget the margarita…)

Listening to: Joshua Radin. (Have you heard of him?  He is excellent.)

Watching: That new Jillian Michael’s show.  I like it!  Great to watch on the treadmill…

Anticipating: MOVING. Moving.  And moving.

Praying: For discipline.  Being more intentional in my prayer life.  (Ironic, yes.)

Studying: Joy… According to John Piper, with my small group.

Counting down til: ITALY.  (And moving.)

Laughing: At Sue Sylvester.  Every word out of her mouth…

Wishing: I had unlimited airline miles to fly all over the country and visit our friends and family.  No more of this, “We really want to come visit…” business.

Planning: Our trip to Italy!!

Wearing: Lots o’ dresses.  It’s all I wear in the summer… Short dresses, long dresses, spaghetti strap dresses, strapless dresses, sun dresses…

Looking for: That Pottery Barn serafina floral shower curtain.  Yes, I am avoiding having to sew my own…

Thinking: “Only 8 more weeks of clinic!”  But then it’s me on my own.    Ru-roh.

Eyeing: (Or coveting.) This amazing dress. If only…image

Missing: This munchkin. And her momma, who just celebrated the big 3-0 on Monday!  Wish I could’ve been there sis.

Thankful for: God’s provision—He always provides exactly what we need.  Not a big ticket lottery win, but exactly what we need…

Loving: My husband!  Sometimes relationships become strained during times of transition and heavy decision making, but our communication has only gotten awesome-er over the last few months.  He’s the best.

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