We’re Moving!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I’ve only been stalking houses since December… And now we finally get to move!  We’ll be moving July 1, which means I have 792 hours to get my decorating plans in order.

But before we continue: if you are married to me or will in any context imply that I have nor the time or money to accomplish this (That means you TGrass), please return another day.  If you are my mother, or in any context will contribute to and support my plans (that means you April Harvey), by all means continue reading.

So.  The place isn’t huge, but it’s more space than we have now, split between 3 levels.  There is a living room, kitchen, finished basement, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office, and a patio to work with. (Lucky for you, the landlord JUST emailed us some pictures…take a look!)

IMG_0465[1] The kitchen is substantially smaller than our current one, but how much do you LOVE those white cabinets?  I’m in love.  And check out our BACK DOOR.  That’s right, people.  A back door.

IMG_0459[1]Living room looking into the dining area. IMG_0477[1]Living room.10039_317_05_14_2010[1]  The office.Fairlington TH (And other pictures I jacked from Craigslist…)

So. For the bedroom (bottom right), here’s what I’m thinking…

image This beautiful upholstered bed with decorative nail heads.  Am I going to pay $1600 for this from Crate & Barrel?  Heck no.  But it will serve as my inspiration… Make the headboard myself perhaps?  Find a headboard of similar shape (or even rectangular) at Goodwill, wrap it in filler, batting, and fabric… Stick some upholstery nails in that baby and voila.  Or there’s always Target

image And do you just LOVE this Pottery Barn bedding?  Sure it’s sold out online (hello, ebay) and good luck to me getting my husband to agree to it… But don’t the subtle blues go great with the bedroom wall color, the tans and greens with the headboard, and a great pop of coral red.  Man.  I love it.

    image   image

We will likely keep the black nightstands and dresser we currently have, which look similar to these…

But I have one conundrum…

10039_306_05_14_2010[1] This green bathroom.

It’s really kind of a fun color, but maybe not what I would handpick.  And our landlord seems pretty….protective… of her place, so we’re not going to broach the “can we paint” question.  So what other option do I have but to make limeade from my limes?  I love this shower curtain, which Pottery Barn is sold out of…

Serafina Shower Curtain, 72 x 72", Multi

And I can’t find it on ebay… So I could buy fabric by the yard from PB…. Or maybe buy a twin duvet and make it?

         image image

For the most part, this is really as far as I’ve gotten.  But don’t worry, I have a GIANORMOUS folder of saved favorites I’ve found on the internet.  So there is more to come…

BUT.  For the next 33 days, I promise to try to savor our last days in our first home.  It was the perfect place to carry us through the first three years of our marriage and provide sanctuary through three hard years of grad school.  We giddily unpacked our wedding gifts here.  We decorated our first Christmas tree. Bought our first sofa… Bought our first EVERYTHING.  Painted our adirondack chairs in the living room, wrapped head to toe in garbage bags. Had a HUGE fight about hanging that dumb shelf in the bathroom (For the record, I was right.). Tyler installed dimmer switches throughout the place, which he still points out to visitors with great pride. We celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time alone here, just the two us and a giant bird.  We slept in and savored the beautiful tree outside of our bedroom window.  And we have loved and loved and loved within these walls. 

So before I hastily move on with grand ideas about materialist things… I will continue to love our first home for as long as it’s our first home.

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