Waiting Game

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hi friends!  We had a busy weekend around here because we were house hunting… Yes, Mr. We’re-not-moving-until-October agreed to follow up on some places I’ve been stalking on the internet.  So we toured some spots on over the weekend and… we think we fell in love.

There were places in prime locations (read: four block from the waterfront in Old Town and you paid for every block), places that were huge but expensive, and places that were cheap but far away. 

BUT we found a little Goldilocks spot: a townhouse that’s close to where we are now, is still a jump in square footage (not hard when you have 900), but isn’t overwhelming in maintenance.  It’s in an established community in Arlington, full of young families and young professionals.  It’s a very safe and social community, where everyone’s out with their dogs and strollers in the evening and we would still have access to pools and tennis courts.  We would have a great little back patio, 3 bedrooms (or two bedrooms and an office), and it’s all beautifully renovated and we wouldn’t have to do a thing to it. (We’re just renting, did I mention that?  I don’t think I did… Just renting.)

We have several friends that already live in this neighborhood and it was the cheapest least expensive of everywhere we looked.  And best of all, we’d have our own front door.  Our own house number.  And an attic (Imagine that—no more Christmas decorations in the kitchen cabinets!).  Sounds like God’s just ASKING us to move there, right??

There’s a catch.

Money.  Tyler’s due for a raise this year and is expected to find out any day what it is.  And as much as I am DYING to blindly take this place and say “We’ll just figure out a way,” I know better.  If God wants us to move, He’ll work it out.  If He doesn’t, He’ll make it clear.  We were supposed to find out today from work, but we were told today that we’ll know tomorrow. And so we wait.  Yuck.

So that’s where we are!  Hopefully I’ll have good news to share in the next few days (I hope so because I’ve already started stalking furniture on Craigslist). 

Sorry this post wasn’t worth writing home about, just filling you in our life… Thanks for reading anyway!

P.S. I haven’t started my summer reading yet… Eek.  Maybe by June 1?

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