Monday, May 17, 2010

Holy canoli.  It’s been a long week since graduation!  As soon as our family hit the road last week, I started my first week of my final rotation.

[Side note: a lot of people get confused about my school status—I complete 3 full time “rotations” or “clinical affiliations” as part of my education, where I work full time as a PT under the guidance of another PT.  So I’ve graduated in the sense that I’ve finished my academic work, but won’t officially be done until I complete this last rotation at the end of July.]

[Side note numero dos: Can we all just sit and talk for a minute about how ridiculous it is that it’s already May 17th?  I mean, really Father Time.  Can we just back off for a bit?]

So, anyway.  I jumped right into my rotation and went non-stop all week.  The clinic I’m working for has 2 locations and I split my time between them— one is in Arlington, near us, and the other is in Herndon. Not close to us.  Not close at all. It’s only 16 miles away, but in DC speak, that is far, far away.  And in case you’re not familiar, DC has some really un-cool traffic.  And by really un-cool, I mean it took me an hour and forty-five minutes to get home from work my first day.

But outside of the commute on those days in Herndon (I think I found a better way home today, in case you’re worried for my sanity…which you should be), I LOVE my clinic.  The kids we work with are adorable (Mental picture: put together every cute, disabled kid you’ve seen on Extreme Home Makeover, and that’s my patient list.) and the therapists I work with are very smart, cool, laid-back people who happen to be excellent teachers to boot. Two of them are fellow Marymount alum, so we were taught by the same professors and have similar philosophies and approaches to therapy.  I loved working in the public school system, but I think I’ve learned more in the last week than I did in my entire previous rotation.

Even though my first week was generally spent observing, it’s still exhausting!  Tyler’s been asking what happened to his wife because this girl is in bed every night by 11 o’clock at the LATEST.  And Saturday morning I was wide awake at 7:45.  This to me is about as un-cool as that DC traffic, but I can’t help it!  I’m exhausted!

We spent all weekend on the couch, eating waffles and Trader Joe’s pizza, and planning our trip to Italy.  Sunday we crawled out of our cave for church and tried a new restaurant (Coastal Flats) for lunch (They served deviled eggs with sugar coated bacon and candied pecans as an appetizer… Enough said.)  We ran errands, hit the gym, and settled in for some more TJ’s dinner.  All in all, it was an excellent weekend and we caught up on some much needed sleep…

And now it’s Monday again!  One week down, twelve more to go.  Thanks for checking in!  I’ll have something more interesting to talk about later this week.  Maybe. Hopefully.

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