My First Blog Award!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I received a sweet surprise from a reader yesterday… A Beautiful Blogger Award!

Veflexra over at In a Nutshell awarded me with this on her blog and used the words “down to earth” to describe me.  I can think of few greater compliments than being down to earth, so THANK YOU, Veflexra, for the sweet words and the bloggie award!

Now, let’s get down to business.  In order to accept the award, I must do the following… Award it to 7 other people and link to their blogs, give 7 random facts about myself, and link to the person who gifted the award so they can feel the love!

So, drdrdrdrdrdrdrdrd {That would be a drumroll}…

1. Everette Family Expands- This is my sister Becky and this is where she keeps the world up to date on little baby Halley.  She keeps it more for family, but if you’ve never checked in on her, here’s what you’re missing…


2. Those Mitchells- This is one of my best friend’s Lindsey.  She and I have been friends since high school even though we’ve never really lived in the same city.  We also joke that we probably wouldn’t be friends if we actually lived close by… She and her husband Patrick live in southern California and are always on the move!

3. You, Me, & the Kid- This is April, who is one of my “blog friends.”  She and her sweet little family live in Charlotte and April always funny things to say about marriage, kids, and offers great decorating insights!

4. In My Shoes- This is Julia, who was one of my roommates in college.  She just had a sweet little baby girl Ava and is beginning to navigate the whole working mom world.

5. Healthy, Happier Bear- This is Ashley, who I went to high school with and even lived on the same hall freshman year at UGA (which we just re-remembered…); and we’ve recently reconnected through the blog world!  She’s a foodie who’s full of insights on healthy eating, running, and offers great giveaways.

6. Miracle Mama (aka Rachel) over at Moments With My Miracles- Rachel and I first knew each other through Crossroads/Campus Crusade at UGA where she and her husband were on staff when I was in school. She is SO creative, has the cutest kids, and even has a little blog design business, so go check her out!

7. Sweet Southern Sunshine- This is Megan who I know from my church in Savannah.  She, like me, is just finishing up grad school and is heading into the wonderful world of therapy.  She’s got big changes in store, so try to keep up with her!

{I added an eighth because….I can.}

8. This Wood House- This Molly, who I met in college at a political event in DC we were both volunteering for, we ended up interning together, living together, and the rest is history!  She’s a new blogger who’s preggo with a little baby girl, also has big life changes in store, and often updates on her sweet niece who’s battling pediatric leukemia.  So go say hi and send her some blog love!

I thought I was almost done with this post, but I just remembered the 7 random facts—yikes!  Here goes…

1. The second toe on my left foot sits a little higher than my first and third toes and my mom still talks about how she should’ve taken me to a podiatrist… Pretty sure my husband wishes she had. {For the record, I love my feet.}

2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE peas.  I can eat them straight out of the can.  For real, serious love of peas happening here.

3. When I was 8, I wrote to the Disney Club asking if I could meet Amy Grant. They sent me a brochure on their cast. Not the response I was looking for.

4. The last Blockbuster DVD I received in the mail was “The Carebear’s Nutcracker Suite.” Don’t judge. There’s a legit explanation.

5. I have a scar on my left ankle from my brother’s kickstand which stabbed me in the leg while I was trying to bring his bike in from the rain. I was 5. He was 13. Thanks, Andy.

6. I saw Oprah outside of her hotel in New York City when she was there for “The Color Purple” opening.

7. Senior year of high school, my friends Heather and Brian and I were sunbathing in Heather’s backyard after school.  Long story short, we used vegetable oil as suntan oil.  Three cheers for skin cancer.

That was fun… {And really hard!}

Thanks again, Veflexra, for the shout out! Readers, go check her our for fun clothes and make-up tips.

Happy Wednesday!

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