It is finished.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The whirlwind weekend of graduation and visitors is done!  It was a crazy, hectic, fun, joyful, hectic, bittersweet, and hectic three days.

Tyler’s parents came in on Friday morning and spent the day at our place hanging out and helping us with all of the food prep…

05 08 10_3092 05 07 10_317505 07 10_316505 08 10_309405 07 10_315705 08 10_3098That afternoon, T and I drove to Kent Island on the Eastern Shore for my friend Julia’s wedding.  It was outside on the bay and it was the perfect weather: 75 degrees, sunny, and breezy. (I kept telling people, “I think I get a little bitter when I go to weddings with perfect weather!” :)) Julia is in my small group through church and our whole group managed to make it.  We had a great time and we were all SO happy to see Julia and Andy tie the knot!05 07 10_318605 07 10_3187

Our group minus Julia: Kim, me, Jess, Ashley, and Jen

05 07 10_3192 05 07 10_3211 05 07 10_3225 05 07 10_3229 (They served cupcakes rather than wedding cake. I, of course, was in full agreement with this decision.)

By Friday night, all of our family members had arrived to join in the graduation celebration.  Saturday afternoon was the hooding ceremony with just my graduating class, followed by a party at our condo’s clubhouse that  night.  I’m proud to say that I didn’t cry but then again, the finality of everything wasn’t really sinking in at the time.  Amidst the craziness, we didn’t get any pictures from the party, but rest assured the food was great and fellowship even better.05 08 10_311605 08 10_312405 08 10_312605 08 10_3147 05 08 10_3149

Sunday morning we celebrated Mother’s Day with a brunch at Cafe La Rouche in Georgetown.  We love Cafe La Rouche, but hadn’t been there for brunch before.  Frankly, it was a bit of a disappointment so we probably won’t visit there in the AM hours again.  But we did have a great time hanging out with our family.  And even though it was Mother’s Day, this little bug received most of the attention… I think she made at least 2 laps around the table.

P509006705 09 10_2973 05 09 10_2978 05 09 10_2981 05 09 10_2986Sunday afternoon the fam was forced to sit through graduation numero dos at Constitution Hall in downtown DC.  This was truly the last time our class would be together.  Again, it didn’t really sink in at the time, but there was plenty of nostalgia and picture taking to go around.

05 09 10_2988 05 09 10_3050b 05 09 10_3055 05 09 10_3059 05 09 10_3063 05 09 10_3067 05 09 10_3069 05 09 10_3072 05 09 10_3087 05 09 10_3091

Everyone was gone by Monday afternoon, but not before hitting up some museums along the mall with our out of town guests.

05 10 10_3250 05 10 10_3253 05 10 10_325705 10 10_3266 05 10 10_3269 05 10 10_3271 05 10 10_3286Major let down occurred Monday afternoon once the family was gone and the finality of everything set in.  I was heart sick for the rest of the afternoon after realizing the a huge part of my life was over.  I wouldn’t do it over again, but I treasured my time in school and all of the dear friends I made a long the way.  Many have already moved back to their respective states, but happy hours and reunions are already in the works.  (Everyone HAS been calling me “doctor” for the last three days…I won’t complain about that!”)

For the time being, I’m finishing up my final rotation in outpatient pediatrics.  No rest for the weary—I started yesterday and will be working through the end of July.  So far, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  It’s exactly what I wanted it would be. (But it’s EXHAUSTING!  I’ll fill you in on everything in another post…)

So that’s that!  Life goes on… Onto the next adventure.

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