How to Go to the Beach Like a Southerner

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

This was going to be way better before it rained all weekend…But here’s a recap of my recent trip to Savannah. [Shout out to TGrass for finally bringing the camera home.]

Turtle Trot We signed up for an early 5k on the beach.  Plan: run, eat, and stay on the beach for the rest of the day.  Reality: run in the rain, eat while it rains, leave the beach by 10am.04 24 10_2912We decided to wait out the rain and headed to a Tybee staple for breakfast—The Breakfast Club.  I’ll leave up to you, readers, if it’s “world famous” but it’s “Savannah famous” for sure.

04 24 10_2906That Lindsey04 24 10_2909

Plan: Be heart smart and order an Egg Beaters omelet.  Reality: Order an Egg Beaters omelet and then add bacon. Real bacon. Lots of it.

04 24 10_2910We knew we were back in the south when our waitress gave me her jacket to wear because I was freezing cold… Hello, Southern Hospitality.    

04 24 10_2915When driving along Highway 80 and you see this sign, pull over ASAP to stop here...

04 24 10_2913

Davis Produce—it’s attached to a gas station, but it has the BEST boiled peanuts all year round.  It’s a must-stop on your way to the beach… Or in our case, on the way back.  Weather never cleared, so we did what we do best… Shop. 04 24 10_2916Two of my favorite things… Hot boiled peanuts and that Georgia G!

05 04 10_2922

We hit up Polka Dots, a great gift shop on Wilmington Island full of all things monogrammed.  I picked up a new straw tote and these great hand towels.  These will go in the hall bathroom of the imaginary house we’re moving into this summer.  Yes, the whole place is already designed.  In my head.  And in my dreams.

04 24 10_2917bLindsey and I had a date night at a wedding that night.  Her hubs couldn’t make the trip, so I was a pretty good second.  It’s nerve racking going to a wedding where you don’t know anyone!  I was no bueno at dating…

04 24 10_2920 Lindsey with her childhood friends, Charlie and Stephen—the groom.04 24 10_2921

I was coveting Charlie’s girlfriend’s dress the whole night—love that color.  And my dress—this is the one I bought in San Diego for $8. Yes, $8.  The boutique was going out of business… It’s really flowy so it’s comfortable but maybe not the most figure flattering?  Either way, I’m wearing it to another wedding I have on Friday night. $8, people!

The rest of the weekend was great—I was able to spend a lot of time with Lindsey, a lot of time with my mom, I ran into old, sweet friends at church on Sunday, I was able to spend good time at home just hanging out with parents and siblings watching TV, and got to check in on my parents new house—a foreclosure they bought on the water that they’re currently renovating.

12 24 09_1133This is the view of the backyard.

12 24 09_1141 

The view from the dock—it’ll be a fun place for all of those current and future grandkids to be running around one day…

It’s always good to get home!

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