Thanks Dudes!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

For all of the texts, pings, Facebook messages, and prayers!  I. Am. Done.  As for passing, that’s a waiting game…

First, though, a few things to clear up:

1) That dancing video—no dice.  You will not see it.  Unbeknownst to me, I was taped while having my own little dance party after a big Bulldawg win last fall.  And that’s all I have to say about that. :)

2) Tyler calls me Kathryn, so to hear him say “Kate” repeatedly was weird.  One day I will explain to you this weird Kate/Kathryn dichotomy I’ve got going on…

3) I am earning a doctorate, but people aren’t going to actually call me Dr. Grassmeyer… I’ll just be Mrs. Kate to my sweet little patients.  There’s big debate about this in the PT world though…

But don’t I have a sweet husband??  He’s the best.  He got up early this morning with me and cooked an egg white frittata and grits to send me off with a full belly.

After the test (I’ll spare you the details—I took an exam. At a computer. For several hours.), we headed out for a long lunch of margaritas and lots of reminiscing about what we’ve survived [including a good fifteen minutes dedicated to the day in first year anatomy lab that the wet vac started leaking all over the place after we’d just cleaned out our cadaver trays and Kelly J. slipped and fell flat on her back right in the middle of that mess.  I could give you a list of ten thousand things I’d rather slip on than cadaver juices that have been collecting in a wet vac. But it still makes me laugh. A lot.].

What was I saying?  Oh yeah, so after margaritas I headed home to crash, but not without picking up some gorgeous flowers my momma sent me and also requesting cupcakes for dinner from my husband.

So, here’s how it went down…

Test.04 07 10_2556Margaritas.04 07 10_2567Flowers. (Thanks Mom!)04 07 10_2560 Cupcakes.04 07 10_2565bAnd more cupcakes. I have eaten Georgetown Cupcake cupcakes, but I didn’t have a picture of me with them. So why break tradition? Sorry for the I-just-woke-up look, but… I just woke up.

Other than that test (and the three weeks (or years?) leading up to it), today was a great day!  Thanks for thinking of and praying for me.

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