Hey, folks!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Greetings from the Charlotte airport! It's been quite a day, a full recap of which I will spare you... We'll just say that it's good that I know Jesus because I'm pretty sure traffic and beating the clock airport sagas are my seventh circle of hell. For real.

But now I sit in Charlotte, delayed an hour, waiting for the mechanics to fix our plane. "Take your time. Seriously."

I'm flying to Savannah for the weekend, did I tell you that? Tyler is in a wedding in Texas and none of the wives are going, so I decided to head down for the weekend instead of hanging out by myself. I haven't been home since Christmas, Lindsey is in town from California, and I'm in need of a beach weekend, so here I am. Almost.

T and I had a date night last night since we aren't spending the weekend together. We ate mexican and sipped sangria on the patio of a little place in Clarendon and then went to see "The Last Song." Were it not filmed in Savannah, I probably wouldn't have dragged him to it, but... Shockingly, we were the only ones seeing it at 9:40 on a Thursday night. It was great-- we propped up our feet and commented on everything through the whole thing. It was not the best movie I'd ever seen (by far) but still fun to see my hometown and ID all of the local spots and look to see if I knew any of the extras... And it definitely geared me up for my trip-- otherwise it would've just made me homesick!

Anywho. The powers that be say we're boarding soon so I'll scoot. Quick shout out to April, Aidan, and Adam from Charlotte! Keep it southern, Harveys.

Y'all have a great weekend!

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