Monday, April 19, 2010

Food & Friends

….my favorite things!

Last week was a fun week around here…just not an awesome week for the waistline.  “The Sound of Music” came on a few weeks ago and I recorded out of pure horror that my husband had never seen it.  So he agreed to watch it with me only if we could have a “German night,” allowing homeboy to cook bratwurst and homegirl to enjoy a favorite childhood movie… So, watch it we did. And eat bratwurst, we did. [Yes, I realize the movie takes place in Austria. Same diff.]

04 11 10_2798[Throughout the movie, I kept asking, “So, you’re sure you’ve never seen this?” And then every other song, he’d say, “Oh, is this where that song came from?”]

 04 11 10_279504 11 10_2794 

Hers & His

I Americanized mine as much as possible… “Can I eat it with bread?  What about mayo?  Please don’t make me eat sauerkraut…” I am, like, a lot German, but not so much a fan of the food… I drank wine, he drank beer.  He ate spicy mustard, I ate ketchup. He ate sauerkraut, I did not.

04 14 10_2792

I presented my thesis last week at a research fair.  I don’t think I’ve ever introduced you to my thesis partners—this is them!  Kelly & Marie.

04 14 10_2721

Wednesday night, I went to a happy hour to help raise money (I do what I can…) for Kim, a former co-worker, who’s running a half marathon this summer for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (Go Kim!).  This is Kim and Erica—we three shared a big office together at PMR and it was awesome.  We are forever united in undying affection for Amy Grant. For real.

04 14 10_2723

And since it’s physically impossible for me to be on Pennsylvania Avenue and not eat at Good Stuff, we ate at Good Stuff.  [I got the turkery burger, thankyouverymuch… And then added bacon…] The owner is Chef Spike, who was a contestant on Top Chef, but that has nothing to do with why I love it…

04 14 10_2722This is. 

They offer lotsa sauces and they are [Cue me complaining to my sister on why my weight loss has mysteriously and recently stalled…]04 15 10_2800 Thursday night we had an impromptu barbeque at Kelly’s.  These are some of my faves from school and none of us are yet capable of talking about the strange future that awaits us once our group is dismantled in a few weeks…04 16 10_2791 And then a Friday night in with our best friend Joe, Trader Joe... A French baguette + smoked salmon + cream cheese + a Real Crowd Cheeser and white for her, red for him = perfection.

[Side note, unrelated to friends or food: we also watched “An Education” this weekend.  It was great.  I recommend it.]

So anyway…I guess I’m off to the gym now…


Ashley said...

We watched An Education this weekend as well. Interesting but really good! Can I please have your tan btw. Are you fakin bakin? :O)

Kim said...

love love LOVE the picture! It was so great to see you, thanks for coming out!

Carmen Fenton said...

Really? An liked it? We watched it and I thought it was kind of a snoozer. Apparently, I am the only one though.

Adam, April & Aidan said...

How totally random I just told Adam this past weekend we needed to watch Sound of Music because I hadn't seen it in forever!!! Thank you for eating in front of the TV so I know we are normal.

Kathryn said...

Ashley-- The tan is real! Thanks to my examines, I didn't have school in the days leading up to it and I did all of my studying on the patio. The weather is perfect here right now.

Kim-- Isn't it, though? So good to see you!

Carmen-- I loved it! And I was impressed with how clean they kept it-- I went into it expecting some crazy sec scenes and such.

April-- I think we have eaten at our table six times in the 3 years we've lived here. Glad to know we're not alone!

Heather said...

I am starved now!!!!! And I want everything I just saw in these pictures! ha!! Great times with friends indeed!!

Randy, Becky, and Halley said...

I think Kara is partly to blame for T not seeing TSOM...I blamed Randy's sisters for him not seeing that, Annie, The Parent Trap, etc etc! He should have been forced ata young age. Ha! G'daddy would be proud of you for attempting that meal...