Thursday, April 29, 2010

Confessions of a Cheapskate

Hi readers!  Sorry I haven’t checked in in a few days.  Savannah was great (I’d blog on the trip if husband would bring the camera home from work with my pictures on it…Ahem, TGrass), but I returned home late Monday night to a doozie of a week… And I would be happy that’s it Friday if I didn’t have a doozy of a weekend ahead of me.  I just haven’t had a chance to sit down all week. (And I don’t even have kids—what am I going to do when THAT happens??)

ANYWAY.  I thought I’d fill you in on a little obsession of mine.  Or two obsessions, really: jewelry and crazy deals.  I don’t like to call myself cheap… I like to say that I get super duper excited about finding inexpensive items that look like expensive items.

I first started going to New York in college with my mom, who introduced me to these fabulous wholesale jewelry stores.  Now that I live in DC, I make it up to NYC a few times a year and never pass up the opportunity to visit my favorite stores.

My latest trip was last month, so I thought I’d share some of the fun stuff I scored (as well as a few pieces I found elsewhere) and compare it to similar items currently on the market which cost muy muy more.

Bangles_Nordstrom_58d04 29 10_2877 




Bangles from Nordstrom: $58                   My find: $3

Color bangles_Kate Spade_42each04 29 10_2815

Kate Spade: $42 each   My find: $3 for 2

              Gold strand_Ralph Lauren_98d 04 29 10_2833

Ralph Lauren: $98     My find: $5.75

         JCrew bables04 29 10_2884

J.Crew: $60                              My find: $6

(This necklace looks great on—better than it looks here)

          pewter necklace Silver necklace 04 29 10_2875

Can’t-remember-where-I-found-these-but-I bet-they-were-a-lot-more-expensive-than-what-my-mom-paid-when-she-bought-me-this-necklace-for-Christmas.  What’d you pay, Mom? $5?

        Tiffanykey_1500d  04 29 10_2813

           Tiffany’s key: $1500             My find: $18

(I’ve had someone ask me if it’s a Tiffany’s key every time I’ve worn it.)

        turquoise bracelet_Nordstrom_48d 04 29 10_2816

Nordstrom: $48                    My find: $3

zebra bangle04 29 10_2869

Nordstrom: $38                      My find: $3.50

(I get compliments on this cuff every single time I wear it. I love it.)

04 29 10_2820     04 29 10_2821     

Couldn’t find comparables for these, but the cuffs were $3 each and the necklace was $4.25

Keep in mind, I’m not cheap about everything.  There are items worth investing in, but in my mind, trendy costume jewelry that will only be around a season or two?  Not so much.

Plus, is there anything more fun than saving money?  I think not, friends…

Soooo… What are your favorite finds and crazy deals?  Where do you shop for good accessories?


Ashley said...

OMG! Where is this store?! Can I please go there today during lunch? :)

Molly BW said...

I am so envious of your jewelry box Kathryn. Its like a sin to be this envious! So right now, my obsession is price comparing any and all baby things. Go figure. And I mean obsessed...

Adam, April & Aidan said...

Your good girlfriend!!! Great deals!!! I love inexpensive jewels. That way if I have a glass of wine and get crazy and loose an earring, I'm not too upset about it. But that never happens. Ha!

Megan said...

I'm jealous!!! All of your jewelry is amazing! I agree that costume jewelry is worth "saving" on...and if I had a cheap place like that to buy them from, I might actually OWN some cute trendy stuff! How fabulous!

Mom said...

I'm so glad I've taught you at least one valuable lesson in your life!! But who asked ME last weekend if I need a "jewelry intervention" ?!?