Confessions of a Cheapskate

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hi readers!  Sorry I haven’t checked in in a few days.  Savannah was great (I’d blog on the trip if husband would bring the camera home from work with my pictures on it…Ahem, TGrass), but I returned home late Monday night to a doozie of a week… And I would be happy that’s it Friday if I didn’t have a doozy of a weekend ahead of me.  I just haven’t had a chance to sit down all week. (And I don’t even have kids—what am I going to do when THAT happens??)

ANYWAY.  I thought I’d fill you in on a little obsession of mine.  Or two obsessions, really: jewelry and crazy deals.  I don’t like to call myself cheap… I like to say that I get super duper excited about finding inexpensive items that look like expensive items.

I first started going to New York in college with my mom, who introduced me to these fabulous wholesale jewelry stores.  Now that I live in DC, I make it up to NYC a few times a year and never pass up the opportunity to visit my favorite stores.

My latest trip was last month, so I thought I’d share some of the fun stuff I scored (as well as a few pieces I found elsewhere) and compare it to similar items currently on the market which cost muy muy more.

Bangles_Nordstrom_58d04 29 10_2877 




Bangles from Nordstrom: $58                   My find: $3

Color bangles_Kate Spade_42each04 29 10_2815

Kate Spade: $42 each   My find: $3 for 2

              Gold strand_Ralph Lauren_98d 04 29 10_2833

Ralph Lauren: $98     My find: $5.75

         JCrew bables04 29 10_2884

J.Crew: $60                              My find: $6

(This necklace looks great on—better than it looks here)

          pewter necklace Silver necklace 04 29 10_2875

Can’t-remember-where-I-found-these-but-I bet-they-were-a-lot-more-expensive-than-what-my-mom-paid-when-she-bought-me-this-necklace-for-Christmas.  What’d you pay, Mom? $5?

        Tiffanykey_1500d  04 29 10_2813

           Tiffany’s key: $1500             My find: $18

(I’ve had someone ask me if it’s a Tiffany’s key every time I’ve worn it.)

        turquoise bracelet_Nordstrom_48d 04 29 10_2816

Nordstrom: $48                    My find: $3

zebra bangle04 29 10_2869

Nordstrom: $38                      My find: $3.50

(I get compliments on this cuff every single time I wear it. I love it.)

04 29 10_2820     04 29 10_2821     

Couldn’t find comparables for these, but the cuffs were $3 each and the necklace was $4.25

Keep in mind, I’m not cheap about everything.  There are items worth investing in, but in my mind, trendy costume jewelry that will only be around a season or two?  Not so much.

Plus, is there anything more fun than saving money?  I think not, friends…

Soooo… What are your favorite finds and crazy deals?  Where do you shop for good accessories?

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